Barcelona Startup Vitcord Is Changing the Meaning of Sharing as You Know It

Just when you thought that it’s impossible to conceive of anything new or innovative in the world of social media, a Barcelona startup is here to prove you wrong with a video sharing app that is a little bit different – and that difference could be the key to their success. Having just closed an investment round and secured €750K to further develop their project, Vitcord is on its way to becoming an app that only Martians don’t have on their smartphones.


Creating content is no longer a privilege of artists or media professionals. You don’t have to be “someone” to make your own creative contribution to the celestial body of images and sounds circulating the Internet: the magic of sharing is that you can just be you, and share your experiences with others that see value in what you’re creating. We have a million and one different tools at our disposal to help us express ourselves, but how do we make the most of the endless opportunities that social media offers?


Vitcord: A Revolution in Sharing?

For a young startup, gaining a foothold in the sharing industry is a courageous undertaking. Popular social media platforms are constantly coming up with new ways to enhance our sharing experience, however, believe it or not, there seem to remain a fair deal of untapped opportunities, features that the biggest social media moguls have not yet thought of.

Vitcord is a perfect example of just how much uncharted territory is still waiting to be discovered and marked on the map of social media. The Barcelona-based startup created an app that lets you create and share videos collectively: you capture a memorable moment from your point of view, and combine it with snippets that others have captured, whether they’re your friends or people you don’t even know who are passionate about the same things that you are. This way, you are creating a much more complete video experience, a more complex story than you would have, had you made the video on your own.

 “We are trying to make video stories more valuable. People share videos because they want their friends to partake in their experience: to share the mood that they’re in, to see the special place they’re at or the event that they’re enjoying. With Vitcord, you engage with a video on a whole new level, not only with your friends, but also with people who love the same things that you love. It’s an open space for video creators, where you can start telling stories with videos, and people around the world can join your stories,” says Adrián Doménech, CEO of Vitcord.

Barcelona Startup Vitcord Is Changing the Meaning of Sharing with a Mobile App that Lets You Create Videos in a Collaborative Way
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Adiós, Instagram and Snapchat

It’s clear for everyone to see that Vitcord distinguishes itself from its many competitors by stressing the fact that creating videos in a collective way opens up opportunities of collaboration and community-based creative work that we didn’t have access to before. Their product has already proven innovative enough to attract 100,000 active users in as little as two months, who have created close to 740,000 videos in total. But will this be enough to get users’ attention, while their heads are still stuck in Snapchat and Instagram?

“The biggest challenge for us is definitely product management: we have to launch next-level features that will make our product even more engaging, and let users interact with each other more easily,” Adrián explains. As for their future plans, he adds: “We are very easily scalable: the technology allows us to grow as much and as fast as we can. For now, we have a strong presence in Spain, Mexico, Chile and Argentina, and we’re set on expanding to more countries. We are planning to hire Content Managers to keep in touch with influencers and take care of events that we’re involved in, and our goal is to reach one million users as soon as possible.”


Nothing Beats Barcelona as a Startup Hub

Vitcord is currently operating with an international team, with some members working remotely from Colombia and the United Kingdom. However, the core team is based in Barcelona, where they successfully accelerated in the NUMA Barcelona acceleration program, and according to Adrián, they couldn’t be happier with what the city has to offer for a young startup trying to work its way up.

“Barcelona is a great place to be for a young entrepreneur. The city is well integrated in the European ecosystem, better than other Spanish cities, and it’s all about the network that you can create, the impact that you can have with your company. There is a lot of innovation happening here, and many entrepreneurs who have achieved success in Barcelona are investing in new companies,” he says.

We are curious to see what the future holds for Vitcord: to take part in the experience, download their app and start creating videos!

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