The Barcelona Startup That We Should Be Talking About: Carts Guru

Barcelona has an amazingly diverse startup ecosystem. It comprises companies of different sizes, industries, sectors and business models, all here to take advantage of the growth opportunities for businesses and the excellent quality of life for the people who run them. No matter the market you target or the model you’ve chosen, Barcelona has a place for all.

However, if we had to pick one model which has been relatively underrepresented here, it would have to be SaaS. Software-as-a-service companies with a B2B focus are only just starting to make a name for themselves in the local ecosystem. Thanks to the successes of scale-ups like Typeform and TravelPerk, we are now starting to see a deep SaaS culture develop in Barcelona. And yet, some of its members remain unknown to the general public, as they – unintentionally – hide under the dome of technology, in the safety of the intricate castle of code that has taken them years to build and is at the core of their business.

One of these seldom talked about but swiftly growing companies is Carts Guru. Their story has virtually never been told – they’ve been too busy building a life-changing product for e-commerce companies. However, now that their team has grown to 36 people across San Francisco and Barcelona, they’ve become an unmissable element of the Barcelona startup ecosystem. It’s time we all got to know them a little bit better.

Carts Guru - ecommerce SaaS startup based in Barcelona
Carts Guru CEO David Laloum and COO Tim Cakir

How It All Started

The co-founders of Carts Guru, CEO David Laloum and CTO Maxime Pruvost have been working together for almost a decade. Before starting Carts Guru in 2017, they built a startup that provided sales and performance software for e-commerce companies to manage customer relationships. This was their first contact with conversion rate optimization and the experience led them to start thinking about building a solution for it.

The issue they noticed was that a lot of e-merchants were struggling with abandoned carts. For an ecommerce business, every time a customer leaves without completing the checkout is a huge blow that occurs just before the finish line. Seeing how frustrated their clients were getting, they came up with the idea to create a product that tackles this issue. The result: a multichannel retargeting software for ecommerce companies called Carts Guru.

Turning Abandoned Carts into Sales

Carts Guru employs retargeting strategies to recover abandoned carts and convert over 20% of them into sales. It does this by enabling ecommerce companies to create emails, Facebook Messenger communications and text messages to re-engage lost leads and offer incentives or reminders to purchase.

E-shops can also identify non-identified visitors (people that had created an account before, then visited the website after some time but forgot to log in) and enable visitors to opt-in and receive further communications or discounts through different widgets.

Currently, the team is developing a new product that will focus on much more than retargeting carts. It’s going to have all the features of a tool that can define the future of marketing automation – Carts Guru tells us.

Businesses need an all-in-one seamless solution that can synchronise all features and data in one place. Carts Guru will make sure that e-merchants have multichannel strategies to reach users through multiple touchpoints and gain relevant insights into customers’ behavior.

Companies will also be able to create dynamic marketing campaigns to increase user engagement (workflows, in-depth segmentation and customer profiles, dynamic and static lists, etc). What’s more, businesses can personalise and edit their communications with easy-to-use templates, and use personalized recommendations to create a more relevant customer journey.

Accelerating Growth – A Team of Gurus

In April 2019, Carts Guru raised €900K in funding, bringing the total amount of seed funding they’ve received this year to €2.15M. They currently work with over 1000 clients and they’re on the right track to distinguishing themselves as the go-to ecommerce SaaS solution for recovering abandoned carts in Europe, the US and beyond.

The Carts Guru team is distributed in two locations, with the IT team – headed by Max – located in San Francisco, and the rest of the company based in Barcelona.

“We’re very excited to see our efforts paid off in such a short time. Due to the rapid growth and expansion of our company, our next step is to move to a bigger office in the heart of Barcelona and focus on developing our new product,” says David.

David and Max’s relationship has been a defining factor in the story of Carts Guru. Their connection has many layers, from mentorship to camaraderie and friendship. They’ve been working together since Max was a young graduate, which accounts for their strong personal bond and their ability to work together effectively.

Recently, a new member has joined the leadership team. You may remember Tim Cakir from a post we wrote about him nearly two years ago. Since then, he went from working as a Growth Hacker for an AI startup to starting his own growth agency and appearing at events as a keynote speaker. Now, it’s time to get reacquainted with him in a completely different role – as COO of Carts Guru.

After working as a consultant for Carts Guru, Tim jumped aboard to help them unleash the startup’s growth potential. David and Max saw Tim as a great business partner whose contribution would allow the company to grow even faster, with a clear structure and an international approach. How is that for a career success story in Barcelona?

We wish Carts Guru a lot of success and cannot wait to see them continue their growth.

What are some other under-the-radar Barcelona startups that we should be talking about? Drop us a message!

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