The 5 Most Interesting Chatbot Startups in Barcelona

We have conversations with robots on our phone. This is our reality. In case you’ve been living under a rock: a chatbot  is essentially a piece of software capable of communicating with humans through messaging apps with the help of AI technology.

There are endless uses for these always available non-human helpers, from hotel reservations and guided museum tours to all sorts of customer services. For businesses, it’s starting to become a requirement that they send immediate automatic replies to their clients via messaging apps. For users, chatbots just seem to make daily matters a hell of a lot easier.

Engagement is a keyword when it comes to digital businesses and their relationship with their users, and that is exactly what chatbots can help with. Here are five Barcelona-based startups that have jumped on board the chatbot train, and our giving a whole new meaning to customer experience.



One of the most popular use cases for chatbots today is bookings. And who could have a better understanding of that than a startup based in a touristic city like Barcelona? correYvuela is a travel chatbot that allows you to book flights with only three messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or even SMS. You can plan a trip from your smartphone whenever you have about 90 seconds of spare time, and the bot will provide you with a safe link where you can pay for your flight online. No one wants to spend hours searching and clicking through websites or apps. Especially if you fly so frequently that it’s become second nature to you. We may not realize it, but we spend hours “hanging out” in messaging apps all day, so why not just take care of our flights directly from there? knows very well that designing a chatbot is only the first step in a very complex process. Distribution, real time optimization and monetization make up the bulk of it. They build personalized Facebook Messenger chatbots for companies and brands from scratch, starting with a raw idea. However, they don’t stop once they’re done building. Bots are like children: you can’t just give birth to them and then let their hands go. So what IndieLabs specializes in is continuously “teaching”, updating and optimizing their bot babies, and raising them to be faithful to the company’s brand.

The 5 Most Interesting Chatbot Startups in Barcelona
Image Credit: ra2studio / Shutterstock, Inc.


Hubtype is another Barcelona startup that has put its faith in chatbots. Their argument is simple and clear, and also very convincing: your customers are constantly on their phones using messaging apps, so why not just go and meet them there? They help businesses connect with their customers in a unique way that combines the participation of chatbots and human agents. Chatbots can take care of most conversations with automated replies, but it’s easy to see how users will be more satisfied if delicate matters land in the hands of humans instead of bots. Hubtype can provide businesses with both, and they can get a chatbot up and running in a matter of minutes!



CogniCor’s patented AI technology has earned them plenty of recognition, like winning the European Union’s most innovative startup award. They help large companies handle customer complaints through a cloud-based software that integrates with the companies’ websites. Their cognitive customer service assistant is here to take the burden off of our shoulders. Humans were not made to patiently sit around and somehow keep their sanity while answering calls of complaint! Cognicor’s already got offices in India and the US, so it seems like there’s no stopping this ambitious startup headquartered in Barcelona.



This Barcelona-based tech startup is specialized in solutions for the airline industry, and their most recent launch, Nina, is the leading white-label chatbot solution for airlines. Nina, the Airline Concierge is very helpful and polite. Her job is to guide passengers through the entire process of travelling by plane, from searching for and booking flights, to finding the check-in page, looking at your itinerary, finding your boarding pass, and so on. There’s something reassuring about how well-informed Nina is and how stress free the process can be with her help, even if you need to changes to your travel plans. Are we heading towards a future where we’ll trust chatbots more than we trust strangers over the phone?