Get Fit and Healthy Online: These Startups Will Be Your Coaches This Summer

Three startups in Barcelona that have made it their mission to help us get fit and live healthier with the help of state-of-the-art tech solutions.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had days when we suddenly woke up feeling motivated as ever, and decided to make an abrupt lifestyle change, getting rid of all our old habits and adopting new, better ones. Then, that very same night, we skipped the gym to go out with our friends and had a family-sized portion of fried chicken wings, double fries and six mojitos.

For one reason or another, we all want to start living healthier, but goals that require so much commitment are hard to stick to, and we tend to fail. One thing’s for sure: we need help. We need someone to keep us accountable, if we can’t seem to do it ourselves. Luckily, we’ve discovered three startups in Barcelona that have made it their mission to support us miserable losers (just kidding!), and found online solutions to coach us to being fitter and living healthier. Let technology be our companion on the road to fitness this summer!



CoachHero is a fresh example of support for a healthy lifestyle that knows no geographical limits. The startup, its two co-founders themselves working from two different cities, London and Barcelona, is a virtual platform for anyone who’s looking to make a lifestyle change, but cannot find enough motivation or help in their immediate surroundings.

They started out as an online personal training service for those who have no access to or can’t afford a personal trainer at a gym, and they also offered nutrition coaching and physiotherapy (all online, of course).

One thing they did not expect, according to co-founder Lukas Erlmeier, was that the majority of their users would be people who are primarily seeking nutritional advice. So the focus has shifted and online nutrition coaching has become CoachHero’s main profile.

As of right now, most of their user base can be found in the United States and other English-speaking countries, but their service is available worldwide. Their plans are huge: Lukas tells us that they’re currently working on a new website, a new app that will include video and chat functions, and they’re even dabbling in AI!

What they provide:

  • Get personalized meal plans and nutrition advice based on a thorough assessment of your personal health
  • Jump on weekly video calls and daily chats with health coaches
  • Gain access to personalized workout plans and online physiotherapy
  • Take advantage of the 0-24 service to help keep you motivated throughout the entire process

What makes CoachHero different:

  • They are very picky about their nutritionists. They make sure that whoever they decide to work with has at least two years of experience in nutrition coaching, and isn’t just anyone who’s done a course. Most of their coaches currently work in the health and nutrition field, and provide online coaching as an addition to their day job.
  • Their prices are really affordable. You can give CoachHero a try for just 7 GBP, and become a member for only 20 GBP a month.
  • You can finally stop reading hundreds of blog posts, watching endless Youtube videos and getting all sorts of contradicting (and sometimes even false!) information from different sources mixed up in your head. Your health coaches will clear it all up for you once and for all, so you’ll never have to feel confused or lost in the health world again.
These Online Health Coaching Startups Will Help You Get Fit This Summer
Photo Credit: Andrey Yurlov / Shutterstock, Inc.


Hailing from New York City, the team behind LokaTrain got a taste of Barcelona during their four-month acceleration program at NUMA Barcelona. Working from two different continents definitely hasn’t slowed them down, if anything, it’s added to the growth of their fitness community.

Here’s what they do: they’ve created a location-based app that lets you find personal trainers, classes and gyms in your neighborhood, and helps you pick the one that’s a perfect fit for you, depending on your goals. Whether you prefer group workouts or private sessions, you can connect with fitness professionals, message them through the app and set a time and date for a training session. There’s even an option to pay for the sessions directly from the app.

What they provide:

  • Search for any type of group workout, you’ll find everything from Crossfit to yoga
  • Find and contact personal trainers in your area in an easy and straightforward way
  • Get notifications about newly opened group workouts and book your spot directly from the app
  • Sign up as a coach and offer training sessions for others

What makes LokaTrain different:

  • They’ve got Barcelona nicely covered: there are plenty of classes and coaches to choose from in most parts of the city.
  • The coaches’ profiles say quite a lot about their experience and their areas of expertise, so the chances of getting it completely wrong are pretty low. Plus, some coaches offer free trial sessions, so if the two of you just don’t seem to click, you still don’t lose any money.
  • The fact that the app is so convenient really forces you to check in with yourself and abandon your excuses. There is really no reason not to try and get fit anymore. So don’t hesitate to get on board the LokaTrain!



Nutrapp, a startup we’ve briefly written about in our revolutionary foodie startups selection, is as close as it gets to “a nutritionist in your pocket”. They’re the Spanish experts of online nutritional coaching, and they give you access to all the help you may need through their website and mobile apps that you use every day: WhatsApp, Facebook, you name it.

To begin, you can take a short test on their website for free to find out whether you’re following an adequate Mediterranean diet or not, and you can take it from there. Once you sign up, their nutritionists will help you figure out what changes you need to make, help you tweak your diet and get used to making healthier choices.

What they provide:

  • Get immediate access to certified nutritionists through the most commonly used messaging apps
  • Get tips that you can actually fit into your everyday life, and discover what works for you
  • Expand your knowledge about healthy eating with the help of their informative blog posts, so you never run out of inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What makes Nutrapp different:

  • They provide services in Spanish.
  • They use a reliable, certified online nutrition assessment method and create personalized plans that users can fit into their own lives.
  • Their online coaching is aimed at setting realistic goals and making small changes over time in order to reach them.
  • They work with aptly trained, highly professional nutritionists.