We Tried 4 Barcelona Food Delivery Apps and We Have a Winner

Now that virtually every startup wants a slice of the delivery cake, the question is no longer what to order for lunch, but which delivery app to use. We’ve been on a mission to find the best food delivery service in Barcelona, and we’ve finally found the one!

At the Nederlia Tech Recruitment HQ we put four different delivery apps to the test and rated them based on a bunch of  different aspects like speed of delivery, cost of delivery, variety of options, state of food upon arrival and app user experience.

This is an honest review.

We sacrificed two lunch breaks to this noble cause: on the first day, we ordered pizza for everyone and on the second day, we went all out and got tacos for the entire office.

So without further ado, let’s get into the Ultimate Barcelona Food Delivery Test and see them battle it out!

If you’re too eager to find out who won and would rather skip the case studies, scroll down to the Results section!

Barcelona Food Delivery Startups - The Ultimate App Test
Featured Image: Yuriy Golub / Shutterstock, Inc.

Battle of the Apps Day 1: Pizza Party

Warm, fresh, melty-gooey-cheesey… Pizza is the perfect test subject for a delivery review. Not only is it easy to mess up completely, it’s also super important that it arrives warm, or the experience is ruined.

We take our research very seriously, so we spent an hour looking for a pizzeria that works with all four delivery companies, and we found one! So we tried ordering four pizzas from the exact same restaurant at the exact same time, but through four different delivery services: Glovo, Deliveroo, Resto-in, and Deliverum.

Here are the results.

Glovo Barcelona food delivery startup logoGlovo

  • speed of delivery: 45 minutes (estimated: 20-30 minutes)
  • price of delivery: 1,90 euros
  • variety: 81 options
  • state of food upon arrival: 3/10
  • app experience: 9/10


All the deliveries arrived at least 10 minutes after the estimated delivery time, but we were too excited to care. Glovo arrived first, and to be frank, it was kind of a disappointment. Our office has quite a few Glovo regulars, and we generally love their service, but this time we weren’t impressed. What may have been a pizza once was not even lukeworm when we got it, and it didn’t look too appetizing in its solidified state. You know that feeling when you try to cut a pizza and it’s gone so cold that the entire topping just slides right off in on piece? Yep, that’s what we had to deal with. We’re not sure what happened there but this delivery definitely wasn’t consistent with our expectations.

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Pizza_Glovo
It may be cold as a witch’s feet, but it sure photographs well.

Resto-in Barcelona food delivery app logoResto-in

  • speed of delivery: 47 minutes
  • price of delivery: 2,99 euros
  • variety: 20 options
  • state of food upon arrival: 9/10
  • app experience: 7/10



Our pizza arrived in a decent state and was as warm as you could ever expect from a delivery. No toppings sliding off or any such nonsense. These guys were the least late in relation to the estimated delivery time. Great lunch, nothing to complain about!

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Pizza_Restoin
Look great, tastes great. We probably should have ordered a bigger one!

Deliverum Barcelona food delivery company logoDeliverum

  • speed of delivery: 54 minutes
  • price of delivery: 3,50 euros
  • variety: 24 options
  • state of food upon arrival: 7/10
  • app experience: 0/10



We were mildly satisfied with this one, even though the delivery took forever and cost a fortune. The most expensive pizza of the day arrived in an acceptable state, although the mozzarella did start sliding off slightly and piling up on one side. This may have had something to do with the pizza size (the smaller ones generally fare better). It wasn’t too warm but also hadn’t gone completely cold. Decent lunch, but we just can’t forget the 3,50 we reluctantly spent on delivery. Also, they don’t have an app, hence the 0/10.

Disclaimer: the boxes are different colors because we ordered different sized pizzas. They’re all from the exact same restaurant.

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Pizza_Deliverum
What’s the mozzarella doing there?

Deliveroo Barcelona food delivery app logoDeliveroo

Deliveroo flunked out instantaneously. First of all, we had to find out that they don’t actually deliver to our area from the restaurant that we’d picked. If that wasn’t strange enough, when we tried ordering from another pizzeria just across the street from the first one, our order got rejected. Some sort of miscommunication with the restaurant apparently. They gave us a small discount on our next order, but no lunch. Not a great start, if we’re being honest.



Battle of the Apps Day 2: Taco Time

After the mixed results we got on pizza day, we decided to give our contenders another chance to prove themselves. And what better dish to try out than open-faced Mexican tacos that are basically impossible not to mess up? Or so we thought.

Again, all from the same restaurant.


Glovo Barcelona food delivery startup logoGlovo

  • speed of delivery: 21 minutes
  • price of delivery: 1,90 euros
  • variety: 45 options (13 of which were actual Mexican places and not American burger bars)
  • state of food upon arrival: 9/10
  • app experience: 9/10


This time, we had no complaints. Our food arrived in a flash, and it looked as fresh as if a waiter has just brought it out from the kitchen. Everything seemed glued into place. Picture perfect!

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Mexican_Glovo
Looking fresh with the yellow backdrop.


Deliveroo Barcelona food delivery app logoDeliveroo

  • speed of delivery: 28 minutes
  • price of delivery: 4,50 euros
  • variety: 11 options
  • state of food upon arrival: 9/10
  • app experience: 8/10



This time, Deliveroo was the runner-up. App worked like a charm, delivery was fast, state of the food was on point. Our only complaint? We’re still gaping at the delivery fee on the receipt. 4,50 euros??? Are you kidding, Deliveroo?

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Mexican_Deliveroo.JPG
Spicey food, spicey price.


Resto-in Barcelona food delivery app logoResto-in

  • speed of delivery: 44 minutes
  • price of delivery: 2,99 euros
  • variety: 5 options
  • state of food upon arrival: 10/10
  • app experience: 7/10



Even though it took almost 25 minutes for them assign a driver to our order, we weren’t mad. Our food arrived in such perfect condition that we were completely shaken. Just look at the pictures! Have you ever seen nachos look that pretty? It’s rare even for restaurant to get a pile of nachos looking like art. Really impressive, Resto-in!

Barcelona Food Delivery App Test_Mexican_Tacos_Resto-in

Barcelona food Delivery App Test_Mexican_Nachos__Resto-in
The nachos get their own picture. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Deliverum Barcelona food delivery company logoDeliverum

We never placed the order. The reason? At the time that we started ordering, which was at lunchtime on a Monday, they only had 3 restaurants to choose from, out of which two had a minimum order of 20 euros, and the third one 30 euros! I mean, come on. We were just trying to have lunch.


The Results


The app is very aesthetically pleasing and even my 76-year-old, technologically challenged grandma would find it easy to use. The reason why it didn’t get a 10/10 is because there are no restaurant ratings. We get it, this is a democracy, everyone is equal. But without the ratings, there’s no way to tell a top-notch restaurant with a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor from a… more modest fast food joint.

Also, as indecisive as we are, we’d love to have images next to each food item to make the choice easier. I mean, how am I supposed to pick A over B if all I’ve got is a mere description and no visual guidelines as to what I’m ordering?

There’s GPS tracking, which means that you can track your Glover and see exactly where he is, when he picks up your food and when he’s close to your location on a map. Which is a cool feature, but nothing more.

Glovo pros:

  • no minimum order (this is a huge plus and unique to Glovo)
  • very cheap delivery prices
  • huge variety of options to choose from

Glovo cons:

  • results may vary with each delivery



The app takes a while to load when you open it, but other than that, it’s very pleasant to use. You get photos for every single dish, which is tremendously helpful. Ratings are missing here too, but the images make up for it since they give you a pretty good idea about the standards of the restaurant you’re ordering from.

There’s real-time GPS tracking here too, which is a cute addition but also kind of unnecessary. So why’d we give the app 7 out of 10? Because it seems a bit buggy. For example, adding a new delivery address can get very confusing. However, what we found much more annoying is that the delivery fee was only added to the bill after we’d put in our credit card info and tapped ‘pay’. It’s not a major mistake but it is uncool.

Minimum order is 11 euros, which is not bad at all.

Resto-in pros:

  • Nice, user-friendly app
  • Photos for each and every item
  • State of the food was always spot-on

Resto-in cons:

  • It can take them a while to find a driver
  • The app seems to have a few unfixed bugs



Trying to review their app would quickly turn into a philosophical discussion about Sartrean Nothingness… since they don’t have one. However, their website is OK, it’s fairly user-friendly and a few clicks here and there will get you want you want. Definitely not comparable to the sexy smartphone apps the other deliveries have built, but if you’re on a desktop, it does work.

Deliverum pros:

  • It’s more Tripadvisor-style than the others in that it’s got user reviews, ratings and photos of the restaurant

Deliverum cons:

  • Delivery can get really pricey, and in some cases, minimum orders are ridiculous (could be 30 euros, depending on the restaurant!)
  • Options are limited. If you filter for a specific cuisine, sometimes you’ll only get 2-3 restaurants to choose from



The app is pretty good, and even though it doesn’t have images for every food item, it does offer ratings for us to indulge in. We didn’t notice any malfunctions or annoyances, so it’s safe to say we liked the Deliveroo app the most after Glovo, of course. Minimum order seems to be 17 euros, which is not ideal. You’d would definitely think twice about spending that amount on lunch, especially if you add the delivery fee.

Deliveroo pros:

  • User-friendly app, with ratings for each restaurant
  • Fast delivery

Deliveroo cons:

  • Order got rejected the first time we tried
  • Surprisingly expensive delivery


The Verdict

By now, it’s probably obvious, especially if you look at the pros and cons. Our favorite Barcelona food delivery app has got to be Glovo. Applause!

And no, it’s not just because it’s a Barcelona startup. Their service is simply great, and, aside from a few unfortunate blunders, you can rely on them to get you what you want within an hour. And their delivery prices are always the cheapest!

Just a bit of feedback to all the delivery apps out there, including Glovo. Y’all seriously need to step up your filtering game and include more allergy-friendly options! There are vague categories such as “healthy food” and “vegetarian food” in all of the apps, but, get this: we couldn’t find any restaurant that serves gluten-free pizza on any of these apps! Seriously, guys?

Anyway, this was fun, let us know if you liked our little test, whether you agree with the results or not and what you would like to see next!

Featured Image: Yuriy Golub / Shutterstock, Inc.