Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Changed Our Lives [Part One]

Seeing the tech companies born in our beloved Barcelona grow and succeed is the best feeling ever – but we aren’t just insanely proud of these successful Barcelona startups, we actually benefit from using their products and services every single day. The next mobile apps are making such a difference that it’s safe to say they’ve changed our idea of speed, comfort and efficiency for good. And now we don’t know how to live without them.


You know those days when you’re so beat, sick, hungover or just plain apathetic that you simply can’t face the world and your pillows feel so comfy that not even an earthquake could shake you out of bed? If momma’s not around to bring you biscuits and cheer you up, you have no choice but to take care of yourself. I mean, you had no choice, before Glovo came to the rescue!

Through the Glovo app, you can get anything, literally anything, delivered to your door in less than 20 minutes. You can ask them to bring your medicines over from a nearby pharmacy when you’re bed-ridden with the flu; you can have them pop into a grocery store for you when you’ve forgotten to get half the things on your grocery list; and they’ll save the day when your date has finally agreed to come up to your place and you realize you don’t have a condom. Or, you can order a cinnamon bun and a matcha latte from the coffee shop just around the corner, on a whim, just ‘cause, for no legit reason whatsoever. Have no shame, Glovo doesn’t judge you for your cravings or your laziness. You can even track their delivery guys – also known as Glovers – on a map and see where exactly your order is at. Gone are the days of feeling miserable and neglected. If you want McDonald’s in bed, a Big Mac and Large Fries it shall be.


We’ve become so used to using the internet and our smartphones for solving our problems that we tend to forget we could actually just rely on other human beings. Instead of trying to learn a dance routine from Youtube videos, using apps to try to master a language or Googling way too specific things like “How to remove a nasty stain of red sangria that I spilled onto the carpet and then my cat rolled into it so now I actually need advice on how to bathe my cat”, why don’t we just turn to each other for help?

Heygo is an app that lets you search for people who provide services in your area, and you can also place an ad for a service that you offer. If you need a housekeeper, a babysitter, a massage therapist, a dance teacher, a Spanish tutor, a repairman, a personal trainer, a nutritionist or someone to take care of your pets while you’re away on holiday, HeyGo is the place to look. The app lists service providers by geolocation, so you’ll always find those closest to you first, and they can help you immediately. Forgot to book a clown for your kid’s birthday party? No problem. You’ll find a number you can call on HeyGo!


When you’re on a budget, collecting coupons and browsing through discount catalogues (yup, we all have that embarrassing stack right next to the toilet) can become a normal part of your everyday life. The trouble is, it can be quite overwhelming. In which supermarket was that bottle of wine on sale again? If only there was an easy way to keep track of those tempting discounts. Guess what, there is!

Ofertia is a handy mobile app designed to help you sort through the catalogues of all the stores available in your area (and there are loads of different ones in Barcelona!). The digital format is much easier to handle than the colorful paper catalogues, and a lot more environmentally friendly, too. You can even get personalized notifications from the app so you never miss out on the best offers! And it’s not just supermarkets that you’ll be driving to bankruptcy with your ingenious discount shopping strategy. You can raid stores that sell clothing, furniture, electronics, toys, cosmetics and more, and you can also browse through restaurant offers! Being stingy has never been this easy. OK, just kidding, we know you’re just saving up for something awesome!


Getting around in Barcelona is easy – if you own a scooter that you can hop on anytime and zig-zag through the traffic on the city’s busy avenues. But what about those who haven’t made up their mind to invest in a scooter yet, or those who are waiting to find that perfectly Instagram-compatible mint green Vespa? And those who are staying in Barcelona for a limited time and don’t want to make the commitment?

YUGO is a super cool app built on sharing: it lets you drive electric scooters whenever and wherever you want. Just pick it up and drop it off as if it were your own! So you probably want to know how it works. You register online and upload your documents, along with your credit card information. You activate your account and download the app. Then all you have to do is search for the scooter that’s parked closest to you and reserve it (it’ll have your name on it for 15 minutes). You unblock the scooter, put on a helmet (two helmets in different sizes come with the scooter!), and ride! You pay 0,22€ for every minute you drive. Then, when you’ve arrived at your destination, just finalize the session and leave the scooter wherever you’ve parked it. The trick: you do everything with your mobile through the app (who even uses keys and start buttons anymore?). Once you’ve joined the YUGO family, you’ll start seeing the adorable, easily noticeable turquoise scooters everywhere!

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Featured Image: GaudiLab/Shutterstock, Inc.