Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Changed Our Lives [Part Two]

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If you’ve read the first part of our apps that changed our lives series, you’ll know that the main keywords we used were comfort, speed and efficiency. This time will be no different: we’ve selected five more websites and mobile apps by startups conceived and born in Barcelona that are making our lives easier day by day. Apps that we love from the city we love.

Eelp! – 007’s Personal Assistant

They say that everyone has time for whatever they make time for, but here’s the catch: what about the things that you have no choice but to get done, even though you don’t want to make time for them? Maybe you’d rather spend a few hours playing with your kids over the weekend instead of running errands, or you’d prefer not to have to take your dog out for a walk just this one gloomy morning. If you can rely on your little sister or your grandma to help you out, then cool. But if not, you’ve still got the right to delegate at least a portion of your tasks to someone else!

Eelp! is a practical life-manager app for busy people who want to take back control of their time, and manage their lives more efficiently through their mobile. If you’re the type of person that keeps piling up to-do lists, you’re always behind schedule and can’t seem to catch up to yourself, you need an Eelper in your life. Eelpers are basically personal assistants who you can call upon anytime you need them, and they’ll take care of stuff for you, like get your car fixed, take care of the laundry and the dry cleaning, or schedule an emergency manicure appointment. If this level of immediate attention to your personal needs doesn’t make you feel like James Bond, we don’t know what will. As for us, we are just thrilled to be living in a city where such a service is available!

Trovit – One Search to Rule Them All

If you want to live in Barcelona, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find yourself a place. In case you are relocating here with your family, and you want to live in a quiet neighborhood outside the city center, you’re also going to need a car. Then your house is going to need furnishings, and your car a place to park… While you’re completely new to city and have no idea where anything is.

Thankfully, there’s a fantastic Barcelona startup that can help you with all of the above. Trovit brings together thousands of websites in one place, so you don’t have to keep a thousand tabs open and have Google Chrome freeze on you all of a sudden and lose all the precious options you’ve managed to gather. One search to rule them all – this could easily be their motto if they were into The Lord of the Rings. You type in what you need, be that a house or a car, a parking spot or an office, for rent or for purchase, and you’ll get a never-ending list of whatever is currently available out there. By the way, Trovit also functions as a marketplace, selling everything from furniture to electronics, so if you’re in desperate need of a sofa, old or new, go ahead and type in “sofá” (yes, it’s almost exactly the same word in Spanish).

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Tu&Co – The Decorator in You

Once you’ve settled in to your new place… Wait a minute. Do we ever actually, fully, irrevocably settle in and say “This is my home now, I like it just the way it is and I wouldn’t change a thing”? We wouldn’t think so. Everyone likes to decorate and prettify their home every once in a while, and change a few details to make it even more cozy and welcoming. No to mention that an apartment also requires maintenance. The process never really ends, which is especially true for Barcelona, where the amazing residential blocks built at the beginning of the 1900s accommodate apartments that may need repairs a little more often than usual.

Tu&Co is a website where you can buy anything you may need to make your home better, and get it delivered straight to your door. You can compare the prices of products by different brands, find the right tools for your weekend DIY projects and soak in some inspiration on how to decorate your balcony. If you’re already a skilled repairman and a steady-handed electrician, congratulations. But for those of us who still struggle with anything a little more complicated than screwing in a lightbulb, Tu&Co has a handy collection of guides and tutorials on how to install a tap, for example. Or, if you don’t feel like donning a pair of overalls and getting your hands dirty, you can also hire a specialist through Tu&Co to take care of your home’s needs for you.

CornerJob – Tap to Apply

Most of us are familiar with the feeling of utter hopelessness that can overpower you when you’re looking for a job, and you need to find one quickly. Where do you start? How do you get companies to get back to you? How do you convince them that you’re better than the other candidates? Are you actually better than them? Before you get completely discouraged and succumb to self-doubt and eventually self-pity, go back to the first question. Where should you start?

Via the CornerJob app, you can apply to any position you like with just one click, and get an answer within the next twenty-four hours. It takes a lot of the stress and the butterflies fluttering in your stomach out of the process. Whether you’re ready to dive right in and nine-to-five it, or you’re just looking for a part-time position or a student job, you can start searching and applying on your mobile phone whenever and wherever you like – even in your lunch break, while you’re still plugging away at your old workplace. Oh, and the coolest feature is that you can chat directly with companies and ask any questions you may have about the position that caught your eye. Sounds pretty easy, right? CornerJob is already quite big in Spain, Italy, France and even Mexico, and seeing how popular the app is, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them expanding soon.

Deliberry – Mamashoppers to the Rescue

Barcelona has so many different grocery stores, it’s often difficult to choose which chain suits you the most: people end up picking favorites based on aspects like prices and how close the store is to their home. The trouble is, most tiendas in the city center are quite small, and it’s very likely that you can’t buy all your groceries in one place. Depending on your specific needs, you may have to go to a supermarket, a fruits and vegetables store, a fish shop or butcher’s store, and maybe even an organic food store (if that’s your jam), every single week! If only you had two to three hours to spare every week. If only you had a personal grocery shopper to do it for you!

Luckily, there’s an awesome app that’ll solve this problem for you. Gone are the days when only the biggest supermarkets had home delivery services: Deliberry’s Mamashoppers will go to your favorite supermarket within your area and get all the goods you need within an hour while you’re still at work or relaxing at home. The Deliberry app is super easy to use: you just enter your postal code, select the store that you want the delivery from, and add the desired items to your cart. The app even has pictures of all the food and other products, so you don’t have to go by names that you may not even recognize in Spanish. When your cart is overflowing with goods, you can finalize the order and receive the delivery within an hour, or you can choose a one-hour delivery window to make sure you’re actually home when your groceries arrive. If you’d like to order from multiple stores, feel free to do so, one after the other! Another great feature is that you can add a little note to each item in your cart indicating whether you want your avocados green or ripe, your fresh fish gutted or whole, etc. They even ask you what should happen if they can’t seem to find the product that you’d ordered: should the Mamashopper look for a similar alternative, skip the item or call you from the store. Talk about comfort and saving time!

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