7 Awesome Travel Tech Companies Based in Barcelona

You may not even realize it, but every time you book a trip online, you’re probably going through a travel tech company that was born as a startup right here in Barcelona and has its headquarters somewhere in the city. Not only do these fast growing companies cater to a traveler’s every need, they’re also contributing to the development of Barcelona’s tech ecosystem. Let’s see who they are, and which ones are worth checking out for you as you plan your summer holidays!



The success story of eDreams is one that Barcelona can be truly proud of. The online travel agency born in Barcelona has grown tremendously since its establishment in 2000. Today, over one thousand eDreams employees – working from offices in Barcelona, Mallorca and Madrid – are making sure that users find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals in one place. As Europe’s market leader OTA, the company offers flights with several hundred airlines, more than one million hotels and thousands of destinations all over the world.  eDreams successfully IPO’d in 2014 without ever being taken over by a foreign company: no wonder it has a special place in our hearts!

It’s for you if…

  • you want to be maximally efficient and spend as little time as possible booking everything you need for your trip.



When it comes to travelling and online bookings, the most important keywords are ‘immediate’, ‘efficient’ and ‘easy’. A small travel tech company with an all the more ambitious vision, Atrápalo decided to go even further than the trio of flights, hotels and car rentals, and include all kinds of leisure activities, tickets and restaurant reservations in their offers. They even send you personalized e-mails with the best current offers based on your interests.

It’s for you if…

  • You’re lazy and you’re proud of it. You just can’t be bothered to look up or book anything related to your trip, and you need someone to tell you what you’ll like.



The low-cost accommodation market can also count on a Barcelona prodigy. Founded in 2003 in Barcelona, Budgetplaces, like eDreams, has been around for a while (oh, they grow up so fast!), and has grown into successful business, operating with more than seven thousand partner establishments and more than one thousand destinations worldwide (as of 2012). From low budget hotels and hostels to bed and breakfasts and apartments, they’ve got the cheapest accommodation available at your destination.

It’s for you if…

  • Cost is your number one concern, but you still want a great booking experience.



Not a hotel person? No problem. Only-apartments, another very promising Barcelona startup, focuses exclusively on apartments available for short stays. They’re in touch with 125,000 apartment owners in 109 countries worldwide, including everything from the coolest flats in the middle of big cities to calm beach pads. The booking process is totally uncomplicated and fast, you don’t even have to wait for a confirmation.

It’s for you if…

  • You don’t even want to hear about staying in a hotel and are looking specifically for an apartment, because you’re travelling with kids, you feel more at home in other people’s houses than sterile hotel rooms, or whatever your reason may be.



Apartum is a vacation rental comparison website, where you can compare the prices of short-stay apartments on different booking websites such as Booking.com and Airbnb. Once you’ve made your choice, it redirects you to the website where it found the offer. The point is basically to save you the trouble of having to keep fifteen tabs open and risking your browser crashing on you and losing the fruit of your time-consuming research.

It’s for you if…

  • You get pissed off easily when you have to compare and contrast prices manually.



This travel tech startup came up with a handy tool that helps owners who are renting out their apartments organize and manage incoming bookings, as well as create a cool website that’ll convince potential guests that you’re not a fraud, but (probably) an excellent choice. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn coding or UX design: they’ve got easy-to-use website templates. Listings can get pretty messy if you’re putting them on several websites, from Airbnb to Booking.com, so being able to manage them from one place, and also accept bookings and payments on your own website, can make things a lot easier.

It’s for you if…

  • You’re renting your place, you’ve lost track of how many vacation rental websites you’re running your apartment on, and you want to impress your guests with a professionally made website.

Lodgify is one of the 20 most promising Barcelona startups to watch in 2018!



This Barcelona startup must have been onto something, which must be why Airbnb just had to acquire it in September 2016. The idea behind Trip4Real is that, with heavy tourism completely changing the faces of the most visited cities in the world, you can only really get to know a place through spending time with the locals. Trip4Real helps you book activities and tours guided by people who see the city from a different perspective: as a place to live.

It’s for you if…

  • You’re into unique travel experiences and would rather skip the touristy stuff.

Update: Sadly, as of November 2017, Airbnb has officially shut down Trip4Real.

Featured Image: Novikov Aleksey / Shutterstock, Inc.