5 Startups That’ll Help You Make the Best of Your Summer in Barcelona

It hasn’t even been that long since summer has officially arrived, but some of us are already starting to panic. How are we going to survive the summer heat in Barcelona? When are we going to have time to finally book our vacations? What are we going to do when we start itching to get out of the city? As always, Barcelona startups are coming to the rescue. This summer, they’ll change how we party, revolutionize the way we travel, and they’ll even mess with our drinking habits. New habits, new moods, new lives! Check out the five startups that have the potential to change how we experience summer in Barcelona.



Once the summer heat kicks in, the urge to get out of the office, go exploring and just do something other than work suddenly becomes too strong to bear. Since none of us gets unlimited vacation days, weekend getaways can be lifesavers. With the help of an awesome Barcelona startup, you don’t even have to worry about organizing your escapade. Waynabox lets you book a trip to a surprise destination: you’ll only find out where you’re going two days before you leave! All you have to do is choose the airport that you’ll be flying from, select the number of nights you want to spend at your destination, and eliminate any city that you don’t want to visit. They’ll take care of flights and accommodation for you, starting from as low as 150 euros per person. Get your partner or your friends on board, and see if they are adventurous enough to accept the challenge!


Whoopee App

We, expats, know very well how hard it can be to make friends when you’ve just arrived in Barcelona and don’t know anyone at all. Thanks to this cool Catalan startup, you no longer have to wait to be invited to parties. Whoopee App is an application that lets you find private parties in your area (or based on your interests), which you can ask to join. If the host accepts your request, the location will be unlocked and you’re ready to go. You yourself can also host events and choose who you want to reveal your address to. In Barcelona, there is a party going on somewhere every minute of every day, and this is a great way of making partying with strangers less awkward and much more fun. Whether it’s a karaoke party, a rooftop beerpong bash, a barbecue or an Erasmus get-together that you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect chance to meet people on Whoopee App.

5 Barcelona Startups That Are Going to Change Your Life This Summer
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This disruptive Barcelona startup will instantly become your go-to if you travel frequently, or if you just can’t be bothered to spend hours looking for flight tickets online. correYvuela is a travel chatbot that allows you to book flights with only three messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or even SMS. You can plan a trip from your smartphone whenever you have about 90 seconds of spare time, and the bot will provide you with a safe link where you can pay for your flight online. They say that chatbots are the technology of the future. If they can make our lives so much easier, why not start using them right now?


Cycling No Limit Travel

If cycling is you passion, this startup will become your best friend this summer. Cycling No Limit Travel offers holiday packages for adventurous cyclists: you can choose between different levels of cycling routes and tour the roads of Catalonia with a group of adventurous bike enthusiasts and professional cycling guides. You can also take part in triathlons and have them take care of your accommodation and registration for you. If biking is your life, you’ve found your community.



You may already have read about this startup that’ll change your summer nights in our interview with its founder, Priscilla Lavoie. Bida is a subscription-based app that’ll get you one free drink every day, and help you discover Barcelona’s coolest bars, for only 9.99 euros a month. Whether you’re a beer person, a wine person, or more of a mixed drinks type of guy or gal, Bida will be there for you and help you wind down with a cool drink every single day, when you leave the air-conditioned office and step out into the scorching heat of the Barcelona Sun. Maybe after work drinks will turn into a summer habit, and you and your coworkers will have the chance to get to know each other better?

UPDATE: This summer, Bida has made their app free-for-all! Get one free drink every three hours without a subscription! It’s not a joke.