5 Barcelona Startups You Need to Follow on Twitter

Let’s admit, we’re all sort of addicted to Twitter. If you’re going to spend hours browsing through tweets while you’re making your daily commute, why not read something valuable instead of going through Kanye’s raging rambles? Some of our favorite Barcelona tech startups actually tweet stuff that’s either funny or useful, or both at the same time. We’ve selected five of the best ones – and they all tweet in English!


Following LetGo‘s ginormous 38K account is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you open Twitter, since the team behind the now globally available app regularly posts photos of the funniest and most random things that people have bought and sold through LetGo. Who knew you could actually get money for a turkey mounted by a taxidermist, or a chia pot shaped like Barack Obama’s head? Be prepared for some hilarious absurdity.


If you’re trying to stick to your new year’s resolution and finally, actually get fit and healthy this year, 8Fit is your best bet. The creators of the meal plan and personal trainer app post lots of articles on Twitter to help you access life-changing information about fitness and nutrition, find out more about the benefits of your new lifestyle, and stay on track with your goals. They also post motivational quotes to keep the fire burning.


With nearly 16K followers, Typeform‘s Twitter account is one of the more widely followed startup profiles, which is no surprise really. They’re not only one of the most rapidly growing Barcelona startups, they post engaging content and share valuable knowledge several times a day. You can watch behind the scenes videos, get inspired by examples of how other people are using typeforms, and even find job offers, as they’re almost constantly hiring.

Photo Credit: Ink Drop/Shutterstock, Inc.


If mobile apps and technology are your jam, make sure you click the “follow” button on Marfeel‘s Twitter page. The young prodigious company specializes in optimizing mobile websites and maximizing user experience, all the while keeping you up to speed with the latest developments in the mobile industry. They also regularly post news articles about social media platforms, mobile apps and happenings in the local startup scene.


If you’re that person who keeps changing the channel to a cooking show every time you get a hold of the remote control, give EatWith a follow on Twitter. The company’s mission is to bring chefs and foodies together, sharing a dining experience that is unlike any other, so brace yourself for some serious #foodporn. You’ll be bombarded with the most drool-worthy photos of dishes from all over the world, and you can read about the exhilarating adventures of food-lovers travelling around the globe and getting to know a city’s food scene from the locals’ perspective. Founded in Tel Aviv, EatWith expanded to Barcelona, and their service has since grown to encompass 50 countries and 200 cities.