5 Barcelona Startups Are Winning the Sharing Economy Revolution

Is it just a fad, or is it a new revolutionary way of living and consuming that’s taking over the world? The effect of the sharing or collaborative economy can be seen very clearly in a wide range of industries from tourism to entertainment, and it’s constantly on the rise. Barcelona as a startup hub is proving to be an ideal breeding group for companies that rely on the power of sharing and the collaboration between private individuals, which is why we at Barcelona Startup News went ahead and created a list of five promising startups – this time excluding notorious players like Glovo and Wallapop – in the sharing economy space. All made in BCN!

5 Barcelona Startups That Are Winning the Sharing Economy Revolution
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SocialCar, a platform where you can rent cars from private individuals, is an excellent alternative to traditional car rental agencies that charge unbelievable amounts for short term rentals and block thousands of euros on your credit card as a deposit. It’s also a great alternative to other car sharing services, because 1) they have their own car park where they’ll keep your car and even manage your bookings for you, 2) there’s an instant booking option that lets you rent a car without having to wait for your request to be approved. Other perks include an insane liability insurance of up to €50 million for owners, and a very over-the-top convenient home delivery and airport pickup option for those who are looking to rent. So they’ve essentially managed to take all the typical car sharing pitfalls out of the equation, allow car owners to make money with zero effort, and provide anyone looking to rent a car, a van, or an RV with a completely hassle-free and cheap alternative. The only way it could get better is if they had an app and you didn’t have to go through their website. If you’d like to find out more about how carsharing works, read our interview with Mar Alarcón, CEO of Barcelona startup SocialCar!



How many of us have boxes on top of boxes full of stuff in our homes that we only use once or twice a year? 99% of the time, all that sports equipment, all those construction tools and outdoor grilling kits are just sitting there gathering dust and cluttering our space. Wouldn’t it make sense to put that stuff to good use from time to time, while helping out a neighbor in need? The aim of Lendi is to change the way that we consume, and go back to a model of consumption that used to be so natural to human beings: sharing. Once you register, you become a part of the Lendi community in your neighborhood. Whenever you need to borrow something, you just ask for it in your neighborhood’s Lendi WhatsApp or Facebook group, and someone will lend it to you. It’s as simple as that! This way, you’re not only saving time and money, you’re contributing to a collaborative community and helping to take care of our planet by making a sustainable decision. Lendi believes that the era of the lone consumer has come to an end, and they’re here to provide a platform for those who’d rather rely on human interactions than an endless number of possessions.

Sharing is Caring. Collaborative Economy in the Barcelona Startup Scene
Sharing is caring. Photo Credit: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock, Inc. 


Trying to find a parking space in the busy downtown areas of cities like Barcelona, Madrid and New York City can be a nightmare – for your nerves as well as your wallet. The team behind wesmartPark has set out to do no less than cut parking prices in half and save their users a lot of unnecessary frustration, with the help of sharing. Through the wesmartPark app, you can rent private parking spaces by the hour, or get a subscription for long stays at a very fair price. If you own a parking space, you rent it out and earn money without having to lift a finger. They’ve got a handy map to help you find the parking place closest to you; you can make reservations; and you open parking doors with a free downloadable sticker. No more mental breakdowns and emptying pockets when you’re trying to get rid of your car! The idea is simple and straightforward, but enough to bring about a revolution in city parkingAny questions about how to use this revolutionary parking app? Read our article on how wesmartPark is helping Barcelona overcome its mobility problems!


Sharing Academy

Sharing Academy started out as a peer-to-peer tutoring platform with a mission to help university students pass all their exams. Next to providing students with tutors and a source of extra income, the’ve also managed to create something much bigger: a community for thousands of students at different levels of education, based on knowledge-sharing. In Sharing Academy, students can be professors and professors students. The only goal is to help each other out and be generous with the knowledge that we possess. Whether it’s tutoring, after-school classes or even corporate trainings, Sharing Academy has options for everyone looking to learn something new, with no age limit. To find out more about how it works and who it’s for, read our interview with the creator of Sharing Academy!



Badi aims to solve a problem that rears its head now and again in a lot of people’s lives in cities like Barcelona where rent prices are so high that apartment sharing has become virtually the only way to live. The Badi app helps you find available rooms or list your spare room and look for new roommates to move in. All the users have profiles and interests, and something called a smart recommendation system automatically suggests potential candidates, so matchmaking is made very fast and efficient. There’s also a live chat option to make the selection process easier. There’s nothing worse than having to share your intimate living space with someone that you can’t stand, so we’ll gladly take any help that we can get in finding the perfect roommate. Discover the story of Badi in our interview with founder Carlos Pierre!