5 Barcelona Startups That Are Revolutionizing Our Food Habits

If you consider yourself a foodie, or just someone who enjoys a good meal as if it were a hobby, you probably think about your tummy all the time. Luckily, there are a few Barcelona startups that also think about our tummies, and have created apps, machines, services or products that are different from what we’re used to, and offer new ways of experiencing our passion. We’ve rounded up five  startups that have contributed to the Barcelona food scene with awesome things like a food printer, innovative food delivery services and an excellent cold brew. Foodtech is definitely our favorite tech!


Natural Machines: Foodini

We’re just going to dive right in, and start with the most ambitious and most futuristic foodie startup in Barcelona. Natural Machines has built a 3D printer called Foodini, which is capable of – that’s right, you guessed it – printing food. It’s the kitchen appliance of the future that uses real food, fresh ingredients instead of plastic, and works in the same way as a “traditional” 3D printer. What it can do for now is take the burden of food preparation off your shoulders, and print food in different shapes and textures, but it has no built-in oven to actually cook your food just yet. However, when Foodini comes out for commercial use, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, we can all start dreaming about what we’d use it for. Whether it will eventually become an essential part of food factories, a toy for fine dining chefs or maybe an everyday accessory in home kitchens, we have yet to find out.



Today, the number one solution to an empty fridge and a growling stomach is obviously ordering food delivery online. But what happens when you’ve gone through nearly all the options available in your area, and you’re starting to get tired of ordering the same pizza and the same sushi every night? Trybe is a community of home chefs and foodies who like to share their insta-worthy creations with other people: and not just virtually share them. It’s a chance for you to try something completely new every time you order, and you can also join the community of home cooks and get paid for the meals you prepare. Everyone has their own unique approach to cooking, so sampling food made by home cooks seems like a pretty goody way to get a taste of different styles. And, it can also be a great option if you have special dietary preferences, all you need to do is find like-minded vegans or gluten-free cooks. Great news: Trybe is now available in Barcelona, and you can search for cooks by area! Here’s how it works:



The magic of Fotawa’s delivery system is how easy it is and how much impact it can have on your day to day life at the same time. Each day, they offer three meals that you can choose from and order through their website or app for low prices starting from 6.95€. And that’s it! So what’s so revolutionary about it? Well, just that 1. they only work with super healthy ingredients, 2. the meals are prepared by professional chefs, and 3. they deliver within 15 minutes (no joke). You know all too well how easy it is to make unhealthy choices on a busy work day, when you have no time to think about what you’ll be having for lunch. So just don’t think! Let Fotawa do the figuring out for you. Worried that you only have three options to choose from? If you think about it, the best restaurants in the world only have a handful of items on their menus, so we’d say that it’s a guarantee for quality!



There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of EatWith: they offer unique food experiences that are available in 200 cities worldwide. Wait a minute. What’s so unique about these experiences? If you book a dinner through EatWith, you get to spend some time around the dinner table with locals, maybe even be invited into chefs’ homes, take cooking classes, learn about customs and the origins of typical dishes, and really get to know the local culture through food and convo. The key is to not be shy and just be relaxed and open to everything. You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy a real Spanish-style pica-pica or a rooftop tapas dinner in Barcelona – and it will be nothing like a scammy meal in one of the overpriced restaurants of La Rambla. Be sure to book in advance though, as popular times are quickly sold out.

5 Barcelona Startups That Are Revolutionizing Our Food Habits
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Fred Cold Brew

Now you weren’t expecting this one, were you? Yes, we do think that the cold brew from this particular Barcelona startup is life-changing. It’s 100% natural, steeped for 24 hours, and meticulously prepared so you can have it by itself, with ice or milk, according to your taste. And the flavor is amazing. Not to mention that Fred is just such a lovable and friendly startup brand, plus it comes in the cutest bottles. You can buy your Fred Cold Brew online, or in several shops and cafés all over Spain, including Barcelona, of course. If you’ve been drinking your coffee hot all this time, it’s time to make a change (remember, summer is around the corner).

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5 Barcelona Startups That Are Revolutionizing Our Food Habits - Fred Cold Brew
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