5 Barcelona Startups That Are Revolutionizing Our Food Habits [Part Two]

If you liked the first installment of our foodie startups series, you’ll love this one. We’ve gathered five more foodtech startups born and raised in Barcelona that are changing the way we eat, drink, and spend time with other people who love food just as much as we do. And they’re using technology to create all kinds of new food experiences. Which one’s your favorite?


The guys behind allthefoodies know that the days of still images are over, and it’s all about video now. They are building a community through a digital video channel: the focus is on food and, of course, foodies, people who are passionate about food. They’ll assist you in building your foodie brand with a series of high-quality videos that help you tell your story in an inspirational and entertaining way, get your message across and really engage with your audience. allthefoodies regularly post fascinating recipe videos on their Facebook page, like the ones by the two foodies Isma and Albert that’ll make you drool while getting to know their one-of-a-kind approach to cooking. Their studio in Barcelona is a place where foodie personalities are born, and their amazing camera and video editing skills prove just how well tech and food can go together.


LADOSI Coffiservice

The Barcelona startup LADOSI has come up with an innovative coffee system for offices that they believe will change the way we look at coffee breaks. At first glance, it’s just another coffee machine with the added benefit that it can add milk to beverages, so you don’t have to heat up your milk in a microwave if you’re craving a good café con leche. But, there’s something distinctly unique about this machine: you can use your smartphone to order and pay for your coffee. In fact, it’s the first coffee machine that users can interact with through a chat app – which is super easy to use, it’s just like a WhatsApp conversation. And the best part: you no longer have to empty out all your pockets looking for change, or ask your co-workers to lend you some coffee money: with this handy little machine, there’s absolutely no cash involved. The creators of the LADOSI Coffiservice have been working on the idea for the past two years, and they just launched their first marketing campaign last week. Good news is, their coffee machines are already available throughout Catalonia!


Mr. Noow

The creators of the Mr. Noow application set out to revolutionize the hospitality industry. Their digital menu, which was originally developed for tablets, and later adapted to smartphones, has the potential to change the way we order and pay at restaurants, and make these processes much faster and more efficient. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we no longer need waiters: they remain indispensable, as they are the ones serving the food, giving suggestions, etc. However, a digital menu has several benefits: guests can discover the menu even before they arrive at the restaurant, they can place their orders without having to wait for a waiter to notice that in the busiest hours, and, through Mr. Noow, they can pay quickly and safely whenever they wish. It’s a piece of tech that can make everyone’s life easier, and, after receiving five hundred thousand euros in their second round this February, the team behind Mr. Noow are making sure that more and more restaurants take advantage of it. Will it eventually become something that we all take for granted?

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Photo Credit: AbElena / Shutterstock, Inc.


Who loves home-made food? Everyone. Who has time to cook every single day? Nobody. If you’re tired of always taking the easy road and resorting to cheap and not-so-healthy takeout every time you can only squeeze out a fifteen-minute lunch break, Delhicioso could be your new best friend. They deliver home-cooked food made by amateur chefs to your office or school, and they make sure to keep it varied by designing their weekly menus around different food cultures. This way, you can discover authentic flavors from around the world without ever having to go to a Peruvian or an Indian restaurant, for instance. It never gets boring, and there’s always a vegetarian option. Remember when you used to just get a sandwich every day? How sad those time were.

5 Barcelona Startups That Are Revolutionizing Our Food Habits 02
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Nutrapp isn’t just another nutrition app: the team of certified professionals behind it guarantees that anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change can do it with the most reliable help there is. If you feel like you really need to change your dietary habits but have no idea where to start, connect with a nutritionist via Nutrapp and take part in effective online coaching that’ll help you reach your goals. Joining the motivating community on social media is probably a good idea: results will come much faster than if you decide to tackle it all by yourself. Using technology to get healthy is a great way to get the best of both worlds, but you still have to exercise self-discipline! No one’s going to take that donut out of your hands and throw in in the trash.