New Discoveries: 5 Barcelona Startups We’re into This Month

Living and working in Barcelona, a city that has such a vibrant startup scene, we stumble upon new, exciting projects almost every day.  Here are the five Barcelona startups we discovered this month that became our favorites because they’re innovative, different, trying to do something important and noble, or just plain fun. Pick the one you identify with the most, and let us know!



Hashtags That Sell

This Barcelona startup has come up with an ingenious way for fashion brands to utilize photos taken by customers and posted on social media. Why let all those valuable #OOTD (outfit of the day) pics get lost on the interwebs, when you can use them as a part of your marketing strategy? What Photoslurp does is it collects photos from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using brand hashtags – it’s that simple! Most brands have already successfully convinced their fans and customers to use hashtags when posting about them, so there’s no need for more complex solutions. Then, all companies have to do is use the collected photos to increase their conversion rate by making them shoppable directly from Instagram. Who wouldn’t love to be able to “shop the look” of their favorite social media influencer?



One Box for All Your Data

Don’t you just hate it when that narrow bar at the top of your browser gets overcrowded with bookmarks of different platforms that you need to use at work on a daily basis? Onna is a platform that “connects everything, so you can find anything”: it centralizes all your information platforms and allows for enterprise-wide search so you never have to spend hours looking for a name or a number again. By collecting and indexing data from all kinds of repositories, Onna’s integration solution makes it easier to manage the incredible amounts of information we go through every day. Can you imagine being able to search all your data at the same time, from e-mails, social media, chat apps, document collaboration platforms, to calendar systems and more?

New Discoveries - 5 Barcelona Startups We_re into This Month
Which startup are you applauding right now? Photo Credit: bbernard / Shutterstock, Inc.


Innovation in the Style of Ferran Adrià

Azzurro is a perfect example of the countless valuable ideas born in Barcelona’s business schools. The co-founders, a group of MBA mates came together to provide innovation analysis for companies and help rejuvenate organizations’ decision-making processes. “We belonged to the team that tested the newly-developed Creativity Audit by Ferran Adrià and ESADE. Ferran suggested that we start selling this product in the market and we just did it because we believed it was useful for companies. Later we realized that we were developing the strange analytics skill of quantifying things that nobody has quantified before. And we are transferring this skill to strategy consulting to align strategy with innovation,” says CAO and co-founder Ramon Serrallonga. Their products are for mid to large companies from any industry, and in the long run they think they can become an M&A platform.



Making Recruitment #awesome

After starting out as something of a social network based around common interests, Fluttr has started off in a completely different and much more promising direction, following a pivot earlier this year. Now, they’re into recruitment, and they’re making it #awesome by creating a platform that turns recruitment into an open, social and engaging process. The idea is that once candidates apply for a job, their skills are evaluated by experts who work in the same field, and can recognize talent better than anyone. This is an opportunity for recruiters to get recommendations on the best candidates, and for candidates to get constructive feedback. The vision of the team behind Fluttr is a world where talent and attitude are more important than experience, and age, race and gender become irrelevant. Sounds like hiring utopia, and it’s being built right here in Barcelona!



The Experience of Buying a Tee

This UK startup has arrived in Barcelona with one goal: they’re looking to revolutionize customer service in the T-shirt printing industry in Spain. The mission of Printsome may not be to change the world, but they sure as heck want to make your life easier. They pride themselves on their responsiveness and helpfulness: they’re making the process of ordering personalized clothing online actually personal by being continuously at your disposal by e-mail, live chat or phone. They’re friendly, their designs rock, and they deliver within a week to all parts of Spain. So, when the next bachelor(ette) party comes along, you know who to turn to.