New Discoveries: 5 Barcelona Startups We’re Into This July

Barcelona is a city where we receive good news from the startup world on a daily basis: a huge investment here, a notable award there. There’s always something to talk about. For this month’s episode of New Discoveries, we’ve rounded up our favorite startups that have achieved something significant in the past few weeks, and had some exciting news to share. We’ll tell you this: Barcelona startups seem to be winning in every industry!



EasyTravel, a Barcelona-based startup specialized in travel packages for attendees of events, has just won the Airbnb Travel Tech Award at an event organized by Airbnb and Barcelona Tech City. The aim of the competition was to find the most promising companies in the tourism and technology market in Spain that offer innovative solutions to some of the city’s biggest challenges, like how to decentralize tourism and how to create a more sustainable and authentic experience. Easytravel’s prize is €15K in funding, a trip to Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco and a free ticket to 4YFN Mobile World Congress Americas (September, 12th-14th). It’s a huge achievement and there can be no doubt that we’ll hear more from them soon!



Nowadays, we spend hours binge watching videos made by vloggers on Youtube, and we consider it completely ordinary for people to be walking around holding huge cameras and filming themselves. It’s only natural that we often find ourselves wanting to capture and share snippets of our own lives. This desire gets multiplied when we’re taking part in an event. Which explains the forest of smartphones blocking the view at every single concert.

Watchity is an app that lets you create collaborative live videos with other people attending the same event that you’re at. You can contribute to the visual story of the event with your own unique perspective, and play the multi-camera compound video in an interactive player. The best part is that you never have to worry about missing something. No details will be lost if you’re all filming at the same time from different points of view. Watchity, headquartered in Barcelona, has recently received €6ooK in funding. Get ready for a fully engaging live video experience!

New Discoveries - 5 Barcelona Startups We're Into This July
Image via pixabay


Have you ever thought of showcasing your art in a pop-up gallery, setting up a stall somewhere so people can taste your delicious food, or introducing your product to a whole new crowd at a temporary spot in another city? Go-PopUp is a platform where you can find all sorts of spaces for rent.

Despite their name, they offer much more than just spaces for pop-up stores. In Barcelona, you can rent, for example, a studio space for a photo shoot, a spacious loft for a workshop, or even a breathtakingly beautiful Modernist home for hosting a corporate event. Search based on what you want to do and where you want to do it, whether it’s a pop-up, an event, a production or a meeting that you’re planning, you are sure to find something within your price range. Go-PopUp has just announced that they’re expanding their realm to Portugal and Australia. It seems like there is no stopping this awesome team from helping us find the perfect space all anywhere in the world!



A startup we’ve mentioned before in our revolutionary foodie startups series, Fotawa has set out to make food delivery as easy, fast and healthy as possible. Each day, they offer three meals that you can choose from and order through their website or app for low prices starting from 6.95€, and they promise to deliver within 15 minutes.

And here comes the best part, in case you haven’t heard. They’ve recently taken over the kitchens of the old restaurant Alkimia where chef Jordi Vilà got his Michelin star! Now their meals are not only super delicious and supervised by nutritionists, they’re also prepared in a spot that has the best karma you could ever wish for! It’s like you get to order lunch from a fancy fine dining restaurant every day. We’re looking forward to seeing them grow their operations in Barcelona!



Big Data has become a keyword when talking about the hottest technologies of today. It gives you insights that traditional analytics can’t. And insight is power, especially if you’re looking to improve sales.

Barcelona B2B startup Epinium is here to help businesses see everything that happens in their market, understand what drives consumers and get the facts needed for decision making. It’s a SaaS AI-based platform that offers product market research in real time. Epinium has recently joined the world-renowned METRO Accelerator in Berlin, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll be able to achieve in the future!