5 Barcelona Startups That We’re Into This Month

Good news from the startup world are a daily phenomenon in Barcelona, and this hasn’t changed in the past few weeks. Let’s see lately which Barcelona startups had some wonderful news to share and achievements to be proud of! We’ll explain a bit about what each company does, just so you can get a taste of the incredibly diverse startup activity going on in Barcelona.

See which Barcelona startups we were into last month!



Nowadays, we spend more of our time using messaging apps than we do on social media platforms. The experience that users have while using these messaging apps matters more than ever, and companies are working on fast and seamless solutions to fulfil the new demand. Thingthing is a Barcelona-based company that has spotted an opportunity in keyboards, and wants to turn them into something much more complex: a keyboard that functions as a platform.

It’s all about efficiency: they’re building a keyboard that lets users access other services (like content or other apps) as they’re typing, without having to exit the messaging app and then jump back in. Say, if you want to get to your files stored in Google Drive or grab a picture from Facebook, you don’t have to leave the conversation to do it. In fact, they believe that the future is all about predicting what users want to do next, and offering quick solutions to it within the messaging app! We’ve recently received news that Thingthing (yes, that really is their name!) is taking over the development of the world’s fastest keyboard, Fleksy. So get ready for something that’ll likely be the best typing experience you’ve ever had!



The team behind Verse has created an app that lets you share expenses with others without having to go through the hassle of getting cash from the ATM. The app links up with your bank card, and you can instantly send or request money from anyone, simply by entering the amount and choosing someone from your contacts. We can think of a million situations when this could come in handy, the most obvious one being when you and your friends share a dinner at a restaurant or a few rounds of drink at a bar and you’re trying to split the bill. If you’re organizing a party and would like your crew to pitch in, you can create an event in the Verse app and ask them to send you some money.

Recently, Verse has rolled out a contactless mobile payment system, which debuted at the White Summer festival in Pals, Girona. Festival attendees had the chance to purchase anything from food to clothing using only their mobile phones by scanning a product’s special Verse Code and entering the amount. If this catches on, even bank cards could become unnecessary for everyday payments. Are we about to say goodbye to our wallets – and latch onto our phones – for good?

5 Barcelona Startups We Are Into This Month
Image Credit: ProStockStudio / Shutterstock, Inc.



Cuideo is a social startup based in Barcelona built on empathy and compassion. The founders of Cuideo know just how hard it can be to balance your personal and professional life, especially if you have an elderly person in your family who needs special attention. With their own experience as a starting point, they have created a startup to help those who would like to see their parents and grandparents taken care of and in good hands.

Since they are aware that each individual has different necessities, they’ve built a team of professional caretakers and specialists of different medical conditions. They guarantee the best at-home care that you can even pay for on an hourly basis, so you’re paying for the exact amount of time that you need. Cuideo just received €500k in funding, and they are planning to grow within Spain and develop their technology to promote the company’s efficiency and scalability. Cheers to them for passionately carrying out their beautiful mission!



If you’re interested in business to business solutions, this is where it gets interesting for you. SocialWibox is a marketing tool that lets businesses use their Wifi connections as a social marketing solution. What it does is it takes the public information of clients that access the Wifi network, creates a database and automatically carries out productive marketing actions. This way, it helps to increase sales, downloads, social media following, and so on, without you or anyone at your company having to lift a finger.

It may sound a bit invasive at first, but their solutions can actually improve user experience, and are incredibly efficient. SocialWibox recently closed a funding round of €160k, so there’s nothing stopping them from developing their unique idea of tapping into the marketing potential of your business’s Wifi network.



Another B2B hailing from Barcelona, Boardfy offers competitor price monitoring for ecommerce businesses and brands. For ecommerce, it helps optimize product prices based on competitor’s activity, and for brands, it helps control prices set by distributors. Finding out (in real time!) who has the best price on the market for a specific product, when prices change, which products are out of stock, or discovering who is selling your products and for how much: it can be a huge help when you’re trying to increase sales.

Boardfy just closed a funding round of €230k, and they’re set on growing their commercial team in Barcelona, as well as their development team in Vigo. Great job, Boardfy, keep it up!