5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love

The food industry is an ideal field for experimentation, and Barcelona startups are on the front line. They’re coming up with more and more innovative ideas on how to reduce food waste by foodsharing, how to become as efficient at food delivery as possible, and how to create diet plans, for example. Their responses to the growing demand for food-related apps are useful and creative, and will definitely become when of your everyday go-tos if you’re like us and you agree that food is life.

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Sharood – Sharing home-cooked meals with friends and neighbors

Sharood is an app that aims to bring people together by sharing meals. Instead of going to all the trouble of cooking and cleaning up for one, cook for a group and invite your friends to join you at dinner! They’ll invite you back the next time when you just can’t be bothered to get in the kitchen. There’s no cash involved – you pay with Sharood Cookies (the app’s very own virtual currency) and you get them back when you host a dinner. Sharing your signature dish and spending time with friends is worth so much more than scarfing down a meal in front of Netflix on your own. Take advantage!


Bookeat – Book a last minute table in top restaurants

Philippe and David, founders of Barcelona food startup Bookeat
Philippe Claessens and David Veil-Héraud, founders of Bookeat

How many times have you planned a dinner four weeks in advance in your head, only to forgot to book a table? In a city like Barcelona, where people love to eat out, it can be nearly impossible to book a table at a good restaurant for the same day. Enter Bookeat, a platform designed for the forgetful and the semi-spontaneous. The app lets you make last minute bookings at a selection of amazing restaurants, with a focus on amazing quality. They also offer exclusive discounts and recommendations on restaurants to pick. Bookeat is the app that’ll save you when you’re mom announces, out of the blue, that she’ll be in town tonight.


Cocooking – Share tuppers with your co-workers at the office

You sit down to have lunch with your co-workers in the office kitchen, and the food envy gets real. That lasagna Jane made last night looks so much better than the sad combo of wilted lettuce and canned tuna in front of you… If Jane had only cooked enough for everyone to share! With Cocooking, you and your office buddies can offer to share your home-cooked meals with each other, and use meal times to connect with and get to know each other better. There are no shifts, you only cook when you want to, and you earn coins for each meal that you can spend on dishes cooked by others – thanks to Cocooking’s blockchain solution. As a B2B service, it’s a great way for companies to create social games and engage their employees in a creative and fun way.

5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love
Photo Credit: Pressmaster / Shutterstock, Inc.

Manzaning – All your groceries delivered for free

Manzaning aims to help support local stores that are having a hard time competing against giant supermarket chains, and to make it easier for you to get all your groceries delivered. They’ll pick up anything you need from fruits and vegetables to fish, flowers and fresh baked good from several different shops. If you spend more than €65, the delivery is free. You can schedule the arrival of your order or get it delivered within 60 minutes to wherever you are. If you ever get annoyed by having to go to 50 different stores and drag your groceries home on your own, this startup is there for you.


Diet Creator – The only tool that nutritionists will ever need to create personalized diets

No more hidden calories and carbs that can’t be accounted for! Diet Creator is an innovative software for nutritionists and dieticians to create personalized diets with menus and recipes for their patients. It makes nutrition consultation easy and straightforward, and allows for friction-free communication with patients. Diet Creator can also be useful for businesses that create food products, as it calculates the nutritional information of recipes in real time and even prints the label. They’ve even created a version for restaurants to help them put the nutritional info next to each meal on their menu. Super helpful for anyone who’s controlling their diet or trying to reach specific fitness goals!