3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact

We’re super impatient when it comes to potentially groundbreaking technologies that are almost a reality but not quite yet. That’s why we’ve taken it upon us to find three Barcelona startups that we can’t wait to see grow – and change our reality. What these startups have in common is that they’re early-stage, they’re 100% focused on gearing up for the future, they’re all for sustainability, they’ve got a significant hardware element to them, and they could potentially bring about or contribute to an immense change in our lives. They’re not only looking to the future – they’re reimagining it.

Whether you’re searching for startups to invest in or just interested in innovative companies that work with high-impact technologies, these three Barcelona startups are bound to get you excited.


Pangea Aerospace – Reusable Satellite Launcher

This Barcelona-based aerospace startup named after the ancient supercontinent Pangea aims to achieve no less than start a new era in accessing space. And they’re planning to do it in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Their idea is to build a never-seen-before launch vehicle tailored to small satellites that will reduce costs and ensure reusability. Their multinational team of engineers, comprised of the five co-founders, has designed a reusable rocket called Meso that is meant to carry a 150 kg payload. They’re planning to use the most  advanced manufacturing techniques to create a launcher that is greener and more efficient than any ever built before.

The Pangea Aerospace team has just been accepted into the Barcelona Activa MediaTIC Incubator to further develop their project. We can’t wait to see this exciting startup start launching satellites into space and drive innovation in aerospace!

3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact
Image Credit: IM_photo / Shutterstock, Inc.


Eliport – Autonomous Delivery Robots

The Barcelona startup Eliport is a newcomer envisioning a future where people and autonomous robots coexist, and they want to be at the forefront of the revolution that will bring about this shift in society. They’re planning to contribute to it by creating a fleet of ground-based, robotic delivery machines to solve the painful logistics problems of last-mile deliveries.

Instead of flying around like drones, these robots are meant to autonomously travel on pavements and in pedestrian zones at walking speed. Plus, they’ll be able to load and unload without any sort of human interaction. They’re going to be safe, practical and save a lot of time. More upsides? Absolute reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Eliport was founded by Barcelona-based entrepreneurs: ex-CTO of Glovo, Dmitry Skorinko, and ex-Head of sales of Degustabox, Patrick Synge. Their board of advisors includes accomplished experts such as Lukas Neckermann, a world-renowned leader in mobility, business and innovation, and Michael Müller, a well-known robotics and mechatronics expert.

Image via Eliport


MOOV – A Platform for Mobility and Autonomous Car Sharing

MOOV is probably the most mysterious of the three startups in our selection. Their website doesn’t say much about the project. All it reveals is: “Something amazing is coming.” While that sounds great, we were curious to find out more, so we did a bit of digging and came across a video explaining what MOOV is intended to accomplish.

In theory, it’s going to be a mobility platform that will eventually focus on autonomous cars and become the Airbnb of autonomous car sharing. Until that time comes, however, they’re planning to build an app that aggregates all the mobility options that currently exist for users to choose from. Their technology will combine hardware and software, as they’ll come up with a complementary application for the car with a hardware device installed in the vehicle.

We’re not sure how the project is progressing – last we heard about MOOV was when investor Carina Szpilka spoke about them in an interview with El País a few months ago. Let’s hope we find out soon what comes out of this ambitious initiative!