Learn How to Code: World Tech Makers Coding Bootcamp Arrives in Barcelona

World Tech Makers, a coding bootcamp highly renowned in South America and the US, has arrived in Barcelona and will be starting its first course on 6 November. A tight-knit team of three professors, they’re more like a startup than a school, and their good vibes could make even the worst technophobe fall in love with coding. Here’s why they’re different from all the other code schools out there, and why you should consider joining them if you want to learn how to code.

Why do we need coding bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps, first popularized in Silicon Valley and now a phenomenon in Europe, are popping up like mushrooms all over Barcelona. There’s room for them all, as there’s enough demand to fill all the classrooms in the city with people from all walks of life eager to become coders.

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to learn how to code. Some want to get better at their current jobs without constantly having to rely on the work of a developer. Others want to change their careers and find a job in tech. And there are those that want to start a startup and they need coding skills to build their product. What they have in common is that they need a quick and efficient way to learn: none of them have the time to spend several years in a university programme, and they very likely have day jobs that they can’t possibly put on hold. And this is where coding bootcamps like World Tech Makers come in.

Coding Bootcamps in Barcelona - intensive programming courses - learn software development and start a career in tech
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World Tech Makers comes to Barcelona

“We are backed by a tried and tested model that is already very popular in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the US.”

World Tech Makers, similarly to other code schools, will be offering 10-week intensive courses in Barcelona for anyone who’s had enough of the frustrating feeling of not being able to touch code. According to one of their professors, Gabriel Moser, there will come a time in the future when every single person is going to need at least some basic coding skills: so why not start teaching now?

The World Tech Makers team in Barcelona is creating a learning environment that’s similar to a startup. The professors each bring something different to the table, and they expect to find out what each of their students is good at and help them tap into their full potential. They consider it super important to get to know each of their students personally, and customize the programme to their needs. Working in small groups allows for a completely personalized experience, so everyone can get exactly what they want out of their courses. This basically means that you get to learn whatever you want to learn!

World Tech Makers coding bootcamps arrives in Barcelona to teach you how to code and start a career in tech
The World Tech Makers Barcelona team: Agustin Rodilla, Angela Kayryakova, Nelyda Carhue and Gabriel Moser


Introducing the professors

“We have the privilege of being able to work in small groups, so we can provide all our students with a great experience.”

World Tech Makers Barcelona - a new coding school offering intensive courses in Frontend and Fullstack ProgrammingThe first course starting in September will be taught by Agustin Rodilla, with help from his fellow teachers Gabriel Moser and Nelyda Carhue. Together, they make up a dream team of three different personalities – the Sales Guy (Gabriel), the Tech Expert (Agustin), and the Creative Mind (Nelyda). Sounds more like a trio of startup founders than professors!

Of course, there is so much more to them than these typical roles. Gabriel, for example, is developing his own project called Honeycoach, a platform where you can earn money by spreading knowledge through video classes!

One thing is for sure: the energy between the three of them is bound to create an atmosphere where coding becomes exciting and fun.

Upcoming courses

World Tech Makers just debuted in Barcelona with a free 3-day course in Cibernarium organized in partnership with Barcelona Activa.

Their first Frontend–Full Stack Course starting on 6 November will be really special: students can start for absolutely free, without paying anything up front, and they’ll only have to start covering the fee in January.

“We assume all the risk and responsibility as we are 100% sure that our students will be satisfied with the programme,” says Angela Kayryakova, chosen by Ilana Milkes, CEO of World Tech Makers to launch the code school in Barcelona. “We are backed by a tried and tested model that is already very popular in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the US. We are very proud to have investors like Tim Draper, who has invested in companies like Tesla and Twitter. Our professors are amazing, and we have the privilege of being able to work in small groups, so we can provide all our students with a great experience.”

To all those dreaming of a career in tech… This could be your time to start!