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Learn How to Code: World Tech Makers Coding Bootcamp Arrives in Barcelona

World Tech Makers, a coding bootcamp highly renowned in South America and the US, has arrived in Barcelona and will be starting its first course on 6 November. A tight-knit team of three professors, they’re more like a startup than a school, and their good vibes could make even the worst technophobe fall in love with coding. Here’s why they’re … more of this 'Tech talent' post

Federico D'Alessio – HR Consultant and Trainer working in Barcelona – human resources for startups
For Startups, HR Is the Key to Growth

There can be no doubt that Human Resources is undergoing a change. Digitalization and innovation inspired by the startup philosophy is transforming the way that departments within a company function, and HR is no exception. What role does HR have in the growth of a digital business? Is the future of HR all about the constant fight to beat the … more of this 'Tech talent' post

Meaningful Entrepreneurship by Francisco Badia – How to Become a Happy Entrepreneur, Have Fun and Embrace Startup Failure
How to Become a Happy Entrepreneur, Have Fun and Embrace Startup Failure

What if I told you someone who runs an incubator in Barcelona believes that there are far more important things than having a business plan when setting up a startup? Francisco Badia, an entrepreneur himself and a well-respected strategic advisor for companies and investors, firmly believes that the most important things when it comes to starting a business are much … more of this 'Tech talent' post

Human Resources is Dead - Make Way for Employee Experience - Interview with Tamsen Wassell
Human Resources Is Dead. Make Way for Employee Experience!

Tamsen Wassell is something of a hiring activist. She believes that the HR practices we use today are completely obsolete and need to be disrupted immediately. Travelling back and forth between the United States and Barcelona, where she lives as an expat, Tamsen works with companies to help them make their hiring processes smarter and simpler, get top performing employees … more of this 'Tech talent' post

How You Can Learn to Code and Change Your Life in 3 Months - Codeworks, the Number One JavaScript Bootcamp of Europe in Barcelona
How You Can Learn to Code and Change Your Life in 3 Months

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could go back in time and study software engineering instead of whatever else you did at university? There’s no shame in wanting to become a developer now, when technology is seeping into every aspect of our lives, and coding is one of the most sought-after skills in the job market. It’s not a … more of this 'Tech talent' post

Finding Role Models and Engaging Young Women to Close the Tech Gender Gap - Women in NetSuite
Finding Role Models and Engaging Young Women to Close the Tech Gender Gap

It is our greatest pleasure to report that within the walls of office buildings in Barcelona, an important conversation is going on about something that matters. One intersection of this conversation is at the offices of NetSuite/Oracle in Barcelona, a hub of creative and socially sensitive thinkers who believe that promoting equal opportunities for men and women in technology is an … more of this 'Tech talent' post

Headway Training Program - Start Boosting Your Digital Marketing Career in Barcelona
Headway Training Program: Start Boosting Your Career in Barcelona

The first few weeks after graduation is a curious phase in everyone’s life who has ever been a student in an institute of higher education: you get a paper saying that you’ve mastered your trade, and you’re ready to go and be an adult from now on. But that’s it. There are no more instructions. You have to figure out … more of this 'Tech talent' post

The easiest way that tech students can get a startup job is through a platform created by Barcelona startup Workkola
The Easiest Way That Tech Students Can Get a Startup Job

Thanks to the zillions of bright ideas brought to life by startups popping up all over the city, Barcelona has a homegrown app or website to help you solve pretty much any problem whatsoever (you’ll know this if you follow our stories). We’ve discovered yet another promising startup that’s making headway in the recruitment field – what’s more, they’re specialized … more of this 'Tech talent' post