How Barcelona Startup Onna is Helping Companies Unlock Their Data

Companies today use an average of 16 cloud-based applications, according to research. Storing data in so many disparate silos can make finding a specific piece of information extremely difficult. How do you recover a file if you have no idea where you – or your coworkers – have saved it? This is the problem that the Barcelona-based SaaS startup Onna … more of this 'Stories' post

Barcelona Startup Turning Customers Into Ambassadors – Interview with Kevin Markowski, CEO at Spitche

Kevin Markowski, a French-born entrepreneur based in Barcelona, has built a startup around the idea that every customer is a brand ambassador. He himself is an ambassador of the Barcelona startup lifestyle: he basks in the Mediterranean sun shining through the windows of his beach-side office, works hard, networks even harder and every few months organizes one of the city’s … more of this 'Stories' post

Carts Guru - ecommerce SaaS startup based in Barcelona
The Barcelona Startup That We Should Be Talking About: Carts Guru

Barcelona has an amazingly diverse startup ecosystem. It comprises companies of different sizes, industries, sectors and business models, all here to take advantage of the growth opportunities for businesses and the excellent quality of life for the people who run them. No matter the market you target or the model you’ve chosen, Barcelona has a place for all. However, if … more of this 'Stories' post

The founders of Barcelona-based vacation rental technology startup Rentals United
Rentals United and Barcelona as a Hub for the Short-term Rental Ecosystem

In 2014, in the midst of the rise in dominance of Airbnb as a supplier of alternative accommodation, four leading and competing vacation rental agencies – predicting that they would need to find new solutions to distribute their properties in order to survive in the post-Airbnb world – decided to collaborate and build a distribution platform of their own in … more of this 'Stories' post

Nadine working at TravelPerk, Barcelona business travel startup
Inside TravelPerk: a Look at Europe’s Fastest Scaling SaaS Startup

TravelPerk is one of the most talked-about Barcelona startups of all time – with good reason. The company was founded at the start of 2015 by co-founders Avi Meir and Javier Suárez to provide a solution to the tiresome process of booking and managing business travel. Since then, they’ve been named the fastest growing SaaS startup in Europe and rated … more of this 'Stories' post

The Valley Digital business school in Barcelona
“We’re Creating a Space Where Startups and Big Companies Can Work Together” – Interview with Gonzalo López, The Valley Barcelona

A new innovation hub has been born in Barcelona. It’s in a beautiful old building right by the harbor and it’s home to Barcelona’s only Digital Business School, The Valley. Apart from being one of the only schools in Spain where students can attend courses focused specifically on digital innovation, The Valley also acts as a strong force in shaping … more of this 'Stories' post

Discussing Estonian e-Residency, the solution for startups and solo entrepreneurs to start an EU business 100% online from anywhere in the world
How to Run an EU Company From Anywhere in the World, 100% Online – Estonian e-Residency

Imagine a platform where any entrepreneur, from anywhere in the world, could set up an EU company with EU banking, without ever having to set foot in an EU country. If you lived in Barcelona, for instance, you could choose whether you want to go through the potentially gruelling (if eventually rewarding) process of setting up a company the traditional way, … more of this 'Stories' post

Inside Alpha, Barcelona's Moonshot startup
Inside Alpha, Barcelona’s Moonshot Factory

Barcelona-based Alpha, a Moonshot facility established by Telefonica, adopts Google X’s mentality to change the world Not that long ago, in this very galaxy, Google came up with the concept of Moonshots. They’ve been using this semi-branded neologism to refer to most of their innovative projects rolling out of the Google X lab. Moonshots are ambitious projects requiring large amounts … more of this 'Stories' post

Mattia Franco, CEO of Barcelona startup Xceed - find parties in your location
The Party Startup That Deserves to Be Taken Seriously – Interview with Xceed CEO Mattia Franco

Mattia Franco is the CEO and Co-Founder of Xceed, a Barcelona startup that just won the award for the fastest growing startup in Spain at Tech5 Awards. They may be known as a “party startup” because of their app, which lets users find and buy tickets to the best parties in town, but there’s actually a highly complex software behind the … more of this 'Stories' post

Turn Your WhatsApp Messages into a Chat Book with This Startup

Memories are the best gifts you can possibly give to you loved ones. But until we can export memories directly from our brains Black Mirror style, how do you actually wrap them up and hand them over to your family and friends? zapptales, a Munich-based startup founded by Barcelona-born Daniel Vicen Renner has come up with a solution to preserve … more of this 'Stories' post

Luis Martín Cabiedes, one of Spain's most important VCs and angel investors, Barcelona
“Becoming an Entrepreneur Is Not Your Decision” – Interview with Luis Martín Cabiedes, Angel Investor and VC

Luis Martín Cabiedes is one of the most important investors in internet and technology ventures in Spain. He’s also a professor at IESE, a philosophy graduate, a sailor, a motorsport enthusiast – and he must have a wealth of other faces that I have not yet had the chance to get to know. He’s never not a teacher, always speaking … more of this 'Stories' post

eCooltra, the leading electric scooter sharing service in Barcelona
Scooter Sharing in Barcelona: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Try It

Riding a scooter can brighten up your day, and you don’t even have to own one to be able to enjoy its many benefits. Scooter sharing services like eCooltra are making sure that there is a scooter available for you at any time, wherever you may be. And Barcelona is a city made for scooters. We set out to discover … more of this 'Stories' post

I am perfect food is a Barcelona startup aiming to fight food waste
Fighting Food Waste: a Barcelona Startup That Sees the Beauty in Imperfect Food

I am perfect food is a young Barcelona startup here to help solve a global problem that is everyone’s concern, but hardly anyone talks about: food waste. Their intention is to try and fight food waste on as many fronts as possible, and they’ve got a bunch of brilliant ideas that they’ve started putting into practice.   As the initial … more of this 'Stories' post

Eduardo Manchon, CEO of Barcelona startup Mailtrack - a Gmail add-on to track email opens
Google Is No Longer a Threat, but an Ally – the Barcelona-Based Email Tracking Startup That Has 1 Million Users

With nearly one million active users (966,503 according to Chrome Store), Mailtrack, an email tracking extension for Chrome, is one of the most popular Gmail add-ons – and it’s built in Barcelona. The highly scalable startup that could be the next prodigy from Barcelona was created by a small team of engineers and two accomplished founders with a track record … more of this 'Stories' post

Barcelona chatbot startup Hubtype
Chatbots and Silicon Valley – as Seen by Barcelona Startup Hubtype

2018 is an exciting year for chatbots. Computer programs that can have conversations with humans through text messages have been around for a while, but it is only now that brands and customers are starting to recognize their true value. It’s also now that a multitude of brilliant startups are making sure that this technology gets taken seriously. To get … more of this 'Stories' post

Cyber security awareness specialist Hannah Tufts, Barcelona
Mindfulness Is the Key to Staying Safe Online – Interview with Hannah Tufts, Cyber Security Awareness Specialist

Online security is no longer just about the safety of our personal and professional data. It’s about the protection of our self-image, our self-worth, and even our human interactions outside of tech. It’s about learning to control technology and using it in a conscious way instead of letting it control us. Hannah Tufts is a Cyber Security Awareness Specialist whose … more of this 'Stories' post

Lynette Kucsma cofounder Natural Machines, Barcelona-based foodtech startup
The Future of Foodtech: Barcelona Startup’s 3D Food Printer Will Revolutionize Kitchens

When you hear the words 3D food printing, what’s the image that pops into your mind? Is it the famous replicator from Star Trek capable of synthesizing food out of thin air? Or is it everyone’s favorite pizza-rehydrating microwave from Back to the Future? Foodini, the real life 3D food printer created by Barcelona-based startup Natural Machines is unlike any … more of this 'Stories' post

Growing mytaxi's tech hub in Barcelona – Europe's number one ride-hailing app has set up offices in Barcelona
mytaxi in Barcelona – How Europe’s Number One Taxi App Is Built

One of the things I love most about the Barcelona tech scene is that there’s something significant going on in every nook and cranny. Take this tiny office tucked away on the top floor of an old office building on one of Barcelona’s busiest avenues. It’s filled to the brim with thirty-some software engineers keeping their noses to the grindstone … more of this 'Stories' post

Carlos Pierre, CEO and Founder of Barcelona-based share rental startup Badi app
“The Ultimate Goal is to Eradicate Agencies.” – Interview with Carlos Pierre, CEO and Founder at Barcelona Startup Badi

There’s a startup in Barcelona that has the potential to shake the real estate market to its core. Founded in 2015 with the intention to change the way that people find flatmates, Badi is now the number one platform for room rentals in Spain, having matched 760 thousand listers and seekers in 2017 and processed 10 million rental requests. February … more of this 'Stories' post

Helena Torras, CEO and Co-Founder at Barcelona Startup B-wom
“The Future Is Digital. And the Future Is Female.” – Interview with Helena Torras, CEO & Co-Founder at B-wom

Discussions about empowering women in tech come to a boiling point around International Women’s Day, and we’re taking advantage of this incredible momentum to bring you an interview with Helena Torras, CEO and Co-Founder at B-wom. The Barcelona startup has built an app to help women take control of their own health, led by an inspirational female entrepreneur who is … more of this 'Stories' post

Astrid Aafjes, Director at Downtown Offices, a work hub for female entrepreneurs in Barcelona
Downtown Offices, a Work Hub for Female Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Why can’t women have their own golf clubs? It’s a valid question a business world where female entrepreneurship is on the rise. And the answer is: of course they can, and more! Downtown Offices is a work hub for female entrepreneurs, the first of its kind in Spain. As a new addition to the Barcelona entrepreneurial and startup scene, it … more of this 'Stories' post

Thiago Monteiro, CEO of Barcelona fintech startup Saveboost
This Barcelona Fintech Startup Will Help You Save Money Without Even Noticing

We spend our money unconsciously, yet we can’t seem to save up even if we make a conscious effort to do so. But what if we could save without even trying? Yes, there’s an app for it. Brand new Barcelona fintech startup Saveboost has built a solution that helps users put aside spare change without noticing it – and it’s … more of this 'Stories' post

“We’re Very Close to Having Humanoids Help Us Every Day” – Interview with Francesco Ferro, CEO at PAL Robotics

There aren’t many European cities that can boast with being home to a worldwide leading robotics company. We are proud – and excited! – to say that Barcelona is one of them. PAL Robotics, founded as a startup in Barcelona, builds biped humanoid robots for research and for performing services that enhance people’s quality of life. All the robots are … more of this 'Stories' post

Can a parking app created by a Startup Solve a Big City's Mobility Problems? Barcelona Startup wesmartPark
A Parking App Made by a Barcelona Startup is Helping to Solve the City’s Mobility Problems

Trying to park your car in Barcelona is nothing short of a calvary. Did you know that 20% of city traffic is caused by drivers circling around trying to find a parking space? It’s detrimental to the environment, it’s a debilitating factor in the city’s mobility and it takes a toll on our mental health too. However, the picture doesn’t … more of this 'Stories' post

Leadership and Motherhood: Interview with Mar Alarcón, CEO of Barcelona Startup SocialCar

CEO, startup founder, mentor, influencer, role model, wife and mother. Mar Alarcón, CEO and Founder of SocialCar, Spain’s leading peer-to-peer car rental company, is all of the above and more. Recently named one of EU-Startups’ 50 Most Influential Women in the Startup and Venture Capital Space, and an active board member of Barcelona Tech City, she’s a definitive figure in Barcelona’s … more of this 'Stories' post

Jordi Llonch Esteve, Founder of Barcelona Startup Sharing Academy
How Does a Pilot Become an Entrepreneur? The Story of the Creator of Sharing Academy

Jordi Llonch Esteve was a pilot based in Vienna when the economic recession hit, and the company he was working for had to sell the plane he was flying. Even though this did not mean the end of his career in aviation just yet, it changed the course of his life. He moved back home to Barcelona and enrolled in … more of this 'Stories' post

Irakli Agladze - Combine App - Take Control of Your Finances - Barcelona Fintech Startup
Take Control of Your Finances Across Countries, Currencies and Banks [Interview]

Money makes people go insane. Especially if they have five different bank accounts in two or three different countries and have no idea how to keep track of their finances. These were the thoughts that crossed Irakli Agladze’s mind when he realized that he had to juggle a dozen different mobile applications, one for each bank where he had an … more of this 'Stories' post

To the Cloud and Beyond: Engineering the Future in Barcelona - Patrick Puck (Netsuite-Oracle) Interview
To the Cloud and Beyond: Engineering the Future in Barcelona [Interview]

Barcelona is not only home to great tech companies that were founded here: foreign businesses are also finding it hard to resist the charm of the city. Companies like NetSuite, one of the world’s first cloud company recently acquired by Oracle, are contributing to the city’s thriving ecosystem and have opened offices in Barcelona to attract the best of international … more of this 'Stories' post

Sharing Apartments Like a Pro - The Ultimate IoT Solution - Jürgen Matthias Lotz
Sharing Apartments Like a Pro: The Ultimate IoT Solution [Interview]

A young Barcelona startup has come up with an ingenious solution that lets you unlock your apartment from anywhere in the world with the help of a virtual key. All you need is a smartphone and an apartment with a Wifi connection. We chatted with Jürgen Matthias Lotz, one of the three startup minds behind the Mutuum Airlock, about their … more of this 'Stories' post

An App That Gets You Free Drinks in Barcelona, and the Girl Who Made It Happen - Startup Stories
An App That Gets You Free Drinks in Barcelona, and the Girl Who Made It Happen

A drink a day keeps the doctor away – okay, that’s not a saying, but it could be a slogan for Bida, a subscription-based app that’ll get you one free drink every day and help you discover Barcelona’s coolest bars for 9.99 euros a month. It’s an absolute bargain, and which city could be a better host for such an app … more of this 'Stories' post

AI Visual Technology by Barcelona Startup Wide Eyes Technologies - Your Robotic Personal Shopper
When Artificial Intelligence Meets Fashion: Your Robotic Personal Shopper

We may not even realize it, but artificial intelligence is becoming an elemental part of our everyday lives. AI technology is no longer a prerogative of healthcare and computer science: it is now being used in a wide range of fields, including transportation, education, telecommunications, and even the fashion industry. But how can AI be applied to solve questions related … more of this 'Stories' post

The Young Team of Barcelona Startup Trovit is Working on a Search Engine That's Present in 53 Countries
How Barcelona Startup Trovit Is Staying on Top of the Search Game [Interview]

If we put together a list of the best companies to work for in Barcelona, Trovit would definitely be in the top five. A startup that can pride itself on one of the biggest exits in the history of the city’s tech scene, Trovit is seen as an absolute hotshot, and certainly not by chance. They have a cool and … more of this 'Stories' post

Barcelona Startup Vitcord Is Changing the Meaning of Sharing with a Mobile App that Lets You Create Videos in a Collaborative Way
Barcelona Startup Vitcord Is Changing the Meaning of Sharing as You Know It

Just when you thought that it’s impossible to conceive of anything new or innovative in the world of social media, a Barcelona startup is here to prove you wrong with a video sharing app that is a little bit different – and that difference could be the key to their success. Having just closed an investment round and secured €750K … more of this 'Stories' post

Barcelona startup Sheltair lets you rent private spaces by the hour through a mobile app for working, having a meeting or hosting meetups. 03
Need Some Space? Barcelona Startup Sheltair Has Got You Covered! [Interview]

If you could have any space to work, host a meetup, have a meeting, or just get away for a while, what would you choose? Would it involve a desk in a quiet and brightly lit room, or two armchairs in a creative and serene space? The young Barcelona startup Sheltair lets you rent private spaces by the hour, whenever … more of this 'Stories' post

Sancar Sahin, Director of Marketing at Barcelona startup Typeform
The Barcelona Startup That Everyone’s Talking About: Say Hello to Typeform! [Interview]

Ask anyone who knows a little bit about the Barcelona tech scene which startup they think is currently the best, the coolest, the most fun to work for, and the answer will almost always be Typeform. When we started asking this question, we were intrigued by the unanimous responses and the rock solid brand awareness that seems to surround Typeform … more of this 'Stories' post

ilmarket Hub, the Barcelona startup that connects professionals of the film industry all over the world
Making Movies Come to Life: What It’s Like to Be a Startup in the Film Industry [Interview]

When we hear the word startup, there are certain industries that instantly spring to mind, such as tech, mobile, e-commerce health and finance. But what about startups that are engaged in something entirely different, that come from a sector that is much less closely related to technology, and are trying to find their place in the same entrepreneurial ecosystem? One … more of this 'Stories' post

The three Co-Founders of HiJiffy, a Portuguese startup in the NUMA Barcelona growth acceleration program
Accelerating in Barcelona: The Story of Portuguese Startup HiJiffy [Interview]

They say that chatbots are the future – but the future of chatbots is being determined right now by innovative companies who are applying more and more new uses to this state-of-the-art technology. The three co-founders of HiJiffy, a young startup hailing from Portugal, created a bot called Jiffy to serve as a “messenger concierge” that takes bookings, deals with … more of this 'Stories' post