Struggling to Hire Talent? Join Us at Hired!bcn 2019

Hiring Talent is one of the key priorities of any start-up or scale-up. But as much as it is a key priority, it is also one of the most difficult challenges any company faces.

The bad news: The shortage of talent is only getting more fierce. The good news: Your competition is also battling with these same issues.

You can increase your skills and knowledge on how to attract and engage the right talent and gain yourself a competitive advantage.

This is, of course, easier said than done. So where to start?

Here’s an idea

Join Barcelona´s leading Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Conference HIRED!BCN 2019 for 2 days of intense learning on how to attract, engage and maintain the top talent out there.

  • Thursday, 13 June + Friday, 14 June

Last year, Hired!bcn made their debut as international Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Conference with a bang. Selling out with 200 recruitment- and HR specialists from Spain and other European countries. And this year they are back on June 13 and 14 in Barcelona.

Besides international speakers who will share their knowledge with you, Hired!bcn will get you to get your hands dirty by offering hands-on workshops and round table sessions on topics like sourcing, engaging talent, on-boarding, hiring diversity and much more.

Use this link to get your tickets to HIRED!BCN 2019 and save €150 if you book in March

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Surround yourself by people who struggle with the same daily challenges that you face and learn from the best out there how to overcome these challenges.

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