Barcelona is Ready for 5G: ZTE to Launch World’s First Gigabit Phone at Mobile World Congress

With only one week to go until Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the tech world is completely hyped to find out what mind-blowing innovations the biggest names are about to announce. That the mobile industry‘s race against time will continue with new technologies aiming to increase download speed and enhance user experience is easy to foresee. One manifestation of this effort is the development of 5G – the first connection was tested last week right here in Barcelona – and the Chinese company ZTE is promising a revolutionary smartphone to be presented at MWC that will be the first step towards getting everyone on board the 5G train.

ZTE teases new smartphone that will break all speed records

Ever since it was revealed that Samsung may be postponing the announcement of the Galaxy S8, which had been the most eagerly awaited revelation of this year’s Mobile World Congress, attention has shifted to other companies and the new products they are bringing to the global mobile industry‘s major event happening next week in Barcelona. One of these intriguing curiosities is undoubtedly ZTE’s new product, which the company has teased will be the world’s first gigabit LTE smartphone, with a 5G connection and a download speed of 1 gigabit per second. So are we glimpsing the future here, or are we just getting way ahead of ourselves?

If ZTE’s claims are to be given credit, what their new Gigabit smartphone offers is the fastest connection currently available in mobile.

The new smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor with an integrated X16 LTE modem by Qualcomm, guaranteeing the device’s gigabit LTE capability. In addition, ZTE’s new model is said to be capable of shooting 4K and 360 video, and it will also have an on-the-spot Cloud storage feature.

Actually hitting the unimaginable speed of 1 Gbps is of course impossible without 5G mobile coverage. How soon global carriers will have the infrastructure ready to shift to 5G, we have yet to find out.

Image Credit: ranjith ravindran / Shutterstock, Inc.

Barcelona is the first in Europe to test 5G network connectivity

Catalonia has “never waited for changes to come, but has been a leader of change.”

As it turns out, Barcelona can already be considered a pioneer in 5G technology: the first test of European 5G connectivity took place in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in the municipality of Barcelonaaccording to El Mundo. The experiment proved successful: the objective was to establish a connection of 10 Gigabytes per second and send an information package of 10 Gb in one second, which they managed to keep up for 30 seconds.

Carles Puigdemont, the President of the Generalitat attended the experiment in the Sertram technological complex of the brand new are@8, one of Southern Europe’s most important technological and industrial centers. Referring to the highly innovative nature of the project, he stated that throughout history, Catalonia has “never waited for changes to come, but has been a leader of change.”

The world may not be ready for 5G just yet – some say full coverage won’t even begin to exist until 2020 – but Barcelona will definitely be first in line when the time comes.

Featured Image: Wright Studio / Shutterstock, Inc.