Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay

No more cash or awkward face-to-face meetings when you’re buying or selling second-hand stuff on Wallapop! One of Barcelona’s most popular startupsthe leading mobile marketplace in Spain, Wallapop is expanding its realm by launching a new, secure in-app payment service called Wallapay. Future plans include starting a home delivery service and a warranty system.


No More Cash or F2F Meetings

Controlling payment through their platform is a huge step in Wallapop’s strategy, and will undoubtedly contribute to solidifying their already large user base.

Until now, a physical meeting between buyer and seller was required for each transaction: you would meet with whoever you were purchasing a second-hand item from somewhere in the city, and you’d pay them in cash. With Wallapay, they’re putting an end to these encounters. For each transaction under 40 euros, Wallapop will charge a commission of 0,99 euros, a number that will rise with the amount of payment, climbing to 6,99 euros for transactions of more than 500 euros. This is basically to cover the expenses of the in-app payment service, the goal of which is to avoid potential friction between the two partners.


Delivery Is on Its Way

The company is ready to take things one step further: not only will you be able to pay online through their platform, they’ll also deliver the items you’ve bought to you door (through a third party logistics network). The delivery system will be launched sometime before September.

Wallapop is also planning to introduce a warranty system for more delicate products, such as mobile phones, through a third party insurance company.

With its distinctive ads appearing on TV, Wallapop has already established itself as a strong brand, and with their new services, they are on the way to securing their leading position in the market.

Source: El Español