This Startup Is Buying Everyone Drinks at Barcelona’s Coolest Bars

Now this is the kind of news that we like to hear when summer is coming to an end. Bida, a Barcelona startup and Spain’s first ever drink-a-day subscription app, just announced that they will be giving away one free drink a month to all their users. Including the non-paying ones!

If you’re curious about the story of Bida, read our interview with Priscilla Lavoie, Founder and CEO of Bida.

Free Drinks in Barcelona

Bida is a subscription-based app that gives its members one complimentary drink every day – up to 31 per month – for 9.99€ a month. For the price of one cocktail, subscribers get their first drink free each and every day at their choice of bars, restaurants, and clubs across Spain.

Bida_app_A Barcelona Startup That Wants to Buy You a Drink
Fancy a free drink by the beach?

Now, even non-paying users of the app will be able to benefit from free drinks at their partner bars. Starting September 1st, every Bida user will get one free drink credit added to their account every month. That means up to 12 free drinks a year, or up to a 120€ value, since many of the cocktails on the app are worth 10€.

The free drink a month is not cumulative (meaning it will expire at the end of each month). So make sure to take advantage of this awesome offer on a monthly basis!

Of course, users can still opt to receive one free drink every day by becoming a paid member of the app.

“Our team is so excited about this new offering,” said Priscilla Lavoie, Founder & CEO of Bida. “We are constantly adding amazing features to the app, and want users to keep coming back to see what’s new. Our partner bars are also happy to get even more people through their doors. We hope to address both desires by giving users this free drink a month.”

Bida app on iphone – A Barcelona Startup That Wants to Buy You a Drink

If you’d like to try Bida, for a limited time they’re offering a 2-week free trial to new users who sign up to their app. Visit or download the app from the iOS or Play store to claim this offer.