Tesla Installs Chargers for Electric Cars in El Corte Inglés

Electric car owners can now charge their vehicles at Tesla charging stations in the parking lots of El Corte Inglés department stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, reports El Español.


Charge It While You Shop

The idea is that by plugging their car in, owners can take advantage of the time that their car spends sitting in the parking lot while they do their shopping. Four El Corte Inglés department stores (two in Madrid, one in Bilbao, and the one on Diagonal in Barcelona) already offer this service, and new locations may soon be added to the list.

However, these are not the famous Tesla superchargers. The so called “destination charging” points installed in the El Corte Inglés parking lots are the little brothers of the much more powerful superchargers: the latter can charge a vehicle in half an hour, while the former are meant to give your car a little boost.

Tesla_Model_S_Eco_Electric_Car_at_a_Supercharger_station - Tesla Installs Chargers for Electric Cars in El Corte Inglés Barcelona
Tesla model S at a supercharger station

Will Tesla Deliver on Its Promises?

Tesla has yet to prove that it’s serious about catering to the Spanish market. As of right now, there are only nine superchargers in Spain, event though fifteen were supposed to have been installed by the end of 2015. As for destination charging stations, a mere eighty-six of them can be found in all of Spain, most of them in hotels. The agreement with El Corte Inglés marks the first time that Tesla has collaborated with a retail company in Spain to install chargers.

Charging is one thing, actually getting your hands on your first electric car is another. Tesla is believed to be opening its first stores in Barcelona and Madrid later this year, but locations have not yet been specified. For now, the only way you can buy Tesla cars in Spain is by ordering them on the Internet.

Unsurprisingly, electric cars aren’t exactly trending in Spain just yet: in February, only 380 electric vehicles (including those not meant for private use, like buses) were sold in Spain, and the year 2016 saw only 4,746 sales altogether. However, with the improvement of the infrastructure needed for owning electric cars to make sense, these numbers may start to grow.

Source: El Español