Free WiFi Access on Every Bus in Barcelona, Starting from March

Finally, we can all sends message through WhatsApp and play Pokémon Go on the way to work without consuming any mobile data. By the time the city gets filled to the brim with people making their yearly pilgrimage to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, all the city’s buses will have free WiFi access. Cheers to Barcelona, a real tech city to the core!


All 1003 buses of the TMB fleet are set to have free WiFi access starting from March. The goal of the expansion of the Barcelona WiFi service is to provide every citizen with the basic right to access the internet, according to the First Lieutenant of Barcelona City Hall, Gerardo Pisarello.

For a long time, residents of Barcelona have been eagerly awaiting the development, which was originally set to happen in January 2017. Now it seems that from the beginning of March, coinciding with the week of the global technology megashow Mobile World Congress, everyone will have the chance to enjoy free WiFi on the city’s buses, including those that run towards the outskirts of Barcelona.

Thanks to this project, Barcelona will boast one of the most important public WiFi networks of Europe.

This recent undertaking forms a part of the “Barcelona, digital city” plan that City Hall is driving forward in order to guarantee that every citizen has access to the Internet, regardless of financial resources.

For now, the connection is fairly slow. However, according to Gerardo Pisarello, City Hall has started looking for ways to increase the speed of access, which is currently at 256 kbps.

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Source: La Vanguardia

Featured Image: Victor Maschek/Shutterstock, Inc.