Bida_app_A Barcelona Startup That Wants to Buy You a Drink
This Startup Is Buying Everyone Drinks at Barcelona’s Coolest Bars

Now this is the kind of news that we like to hear when summer is coming to an end. Bida, a Barcelona startup and Spain’s first ever drink-a-day subscription app, just announced that they will be giving away one free drink a month to all their users. Including the non-paying ones! If you’re curious about the story of Bida, read our interview … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay
Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay

No more cash or awkward face-to-face meetings when you’re buying or selling second-hand stuff on Wallapop! One of Barcelona’s most popular startups, the leading mobile marketplace in Spain, Wallapop is expanding its realm by launching a new, secure in-app payment service called Wallapay. Future plans include starting a home delivery service and a warranty system. No More Cash or F2F Meetings Controlling … more of this 'News' post

Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona - Tech News
Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona

The German electronics manufacturer Bosch is planning to bring its electric scooter sharing system, which is already successfully running in Berlin, to the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, according to El Confidencial. As the city with the second largest number of motorcycles in Europe, Barcelona could prove to be an ideal choice. More Electric Scooters for Barcelona! In Berlin, Bosch runs … more of this 'News' post

Electric Tesla Eco Battery Supercharger
Tesla Installs Chargers for Electric Cars in El Corte Inglés

Electric car owners can now charge their vehicles at Tesla charging stations in the parking lots of El Corte Inglés department stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, reports El Español. Charge It While You Shop The idea is that by plugging their car in, owners can take advantage of the time that their car spends sitting in the parking lot while they do … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space (Photo by Zero to Infinity)
Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space [VIDEO]

The future is is much closer than it seems. Zero 2 Infinity, a privately owned, Barcelona-based startup that designs and launches satellites to near space, has completed a milestone mission on 1 March, when it successfully launched its first rocket from the Edge of Space. A small step for mankind, a huge achievement for a startup in Barcelona! Rocket Launch from Near … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona is Ready for 5G: ZTE to Launch World’s First Gigabit Phone at Mobile World Congress

With only one week to go until Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the tech world is completely hyped to find out what mind-blowing innovations the biggest names are about to announce. That the mobile industry’s race against time will continue with new technologies aiming to increase download speed and enhance user experience is easy to foresee. One manifestation of this effort … more of this 'News' post

Amazon is Hiring! Open Tech Positions in Barcelona

The multinational e-commerce giant Amazon will be opening its Barcelona logistics center in El Prat de Llobregat and starting the delivery of packages on 4 October. The company is planning to create no less than 1,500 jobs at the new site in three years’ time. As of right now, 40 open positions await those who are looking for a job in … more of this 'News' post

Free WiFi Access on Every Bus in Barcelona, Starting from March

Finally, we can all sends message through WhatsApp and play Pokémon Go on the way to work without consuming any mobile data. By the time the city gets filled to the brim with people making their yearly pilgrimage to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, all the city’s buses will have free WiFi access. Cheers to Barcelona, a real tech … more of this 'News' post

UK Software Company Adaptive Opens Office in Barcelona, Creating New Jobs

Adaptive, a British tech company specialized in software development for banking and fintech, has opened an office in Barcelona with the goal of providing services to all of Europe, creating 16 new jobs. However, this is just a first step for Adaptive, as they plan to increase the number of their employees, most of them software developers, to 30 by the … more of this 'News' post

Exceeding Expectations: 35M€ Invested in Spanish Startups in January!

With the first month of 2017 behind us, the startup ecosystem in Spain has seen yet another 31 days of absolute success. For Spanish startups, 2017 got off to a much better start than anyone could have predicted: in January, more than 35 million euros of investments were made through 27 different transactions, according to El Referente. With this incredible … more of this 'News' post

Social Point Sold for a Whopping $276M!

Looks like some massive opportunities have just opened up for one of our favorite Barcelona startups, Social Point! Take-Two Interactive (Grand Theft Auto, Civilization, BioShock) has acquired Social Point, a Barcelona-based mobile game developer, TechCrunch reports, for $250 million with additional earn-outs of up to $25.9 million. It seems that Take-Two is ready to tap into mobile gaming, having focused more … more of this 'News' post