8 Signs You’ve Had Enough and You Need to Move to a New City

With an endless number of tech companies and startups looking for skilled workforce all over the globe, the opportunity to relocate to a different country may arise any time, wherever your talents may lie. Are you in a space right now where a job offer would seem like a perfectly timed gift from the universe that you don’t even deserve, or would you reject it without even thinking? What would you say to a position in Barcelona in particular? Let us help you figure it out.

1. You keep hearing news about how this and that city is all the rage when it comes to tech and startup life, and your dull little town just doesn’t compare.

When it comes to huge, buzzing startup hubs like Barcelona, you actually have reason to be jealous and feel left out. Sure, you can look at pictures of 4YFN online and wonder what it would like to be working for a startup that has a rooftop terrace with a ping-pong table and a breathtaking view of the sea, but wouldn’t you rather just experience it? Whatever your feelings for your hometown, it’s time to start considering cheating on it. If your dream is to be at the epicenter of where it’s all going down, just go for it!

2. You love your job, but in the place where you are right now, it’s a dead end.

In the past couple of years, you’ve gone from student to teacher, trainee to coach, padawan to master. You know every nook and cranny of your city, and you’re the official human encyclopedia of the local tech scene. You’ve basically worked for every single company in your industry that’s got offices in your city. Networking is not fun anymore, because you already know everyone who matters by their first name. You’re constantly on the lookout for new challenges, but there just isn’t much left to do. Sure, living in the moment is a good approach to life, but you need to think about your career in the long run. If you feel like your true breakthrough is still ahead of you, and you’re geoposition is getting in the way, you need to move.


Featured Image: Vagengeim/Shutterstock, Inc.

3. You’ve always wanted to live abroad, but you’ve never had the courage. And now you are constantly worried that if it never happens, you’ll regret it later in life.

Let’s twist this around: what you’re doing is you’re basically identifying with your future regretful self, and you’re already regretting the loss of an opportunity that you think you’re not going to have. If we’re being honest, it doesn’t make too much sense to be regretting something that you can still change. Moving to another city is not a lifelong decision, but there is a good chance that it’ll be worth the risk. Why wait, if the stars are aligned right now?

4. You speak no other language than your mother tongue and English.

It’s never too late to learn a new language and get to know a different culture. It enriches your personality in so many ways that it’s definitely not an opportunity to pass on. And what better way to learn than to be constantly surrounded by native speakers? You can continue to struggle with language courses and private tutors – or Duolingo, so help you God – but that’s just not the real thing. And in Barcelona, you can learn not one, but two!

Photo Credit: adriaticfoto/Shutterstock, Inc.

5. You’ve just survived a major crisis in your personal life, and all you need is some space.

They say you can’t run away from your problems – and that’s not what we’re suggesting here – but you can give yourself a little nudge and speed up your recovery. A little bit of sunshine can do wonders for your mood. Plus, your ex is going to want to see those pictures you post on Facebook about your fabulous new life eight thousand kilometers away from her. On the sandy Barceloneta beach. With two bikini-clad girls by your side, preferably.

6. You’ve had at least seven breakdowns in the past week when you were just done.

Like you almost quit. You nearly just up and left. And even though you’ve managed to calm yourself, you’re not sure when the next storm is about to hit. It could be your job, the people around you that you can’t really relate to, your financial situation or the fact that you’re constantly too cold or too hot because you just weren’t made for that sort of weather – whatever it is, if you’re flying into a rage more and more frequently, you obviously need to get rid of the stress factors that are weighing you down. Maybe the best way to do that is to just start again with a clean slate, in another city.

Photo Credit: LADO/Shutterstock, Inc.

7. There is nothing holding you back, except for your own insecurity.

You really want to get going, but you feel like you just can’t do it. So you start dissuading yourself: you’re not good enough, living in a strange place is not for you, you don’t even have a backpack or a suitcase, and how would you know how to start when you got there anyway. It’s really important for your mental health that you know you are capable of much more than you think. Don’t restrict yourself. Don’t put obstacles in your own way. Just believe in yourself, and if you want to move, do it!

8. Now that you think of it, the only reason why you never really considered relocating is because you are expected to stay where you are.

We all have people that care for us and want us to stay within arms’ reach. But you need to make them see that while you value that you are loved and needed, you can’t stay put just because you’re feeling guilty. Plus, once you actually do move, suddenly they’ll start being very supportive – who wouldn’t want to visit you and get a free “hotel room” in Barcelona?