Moving to Barcelona

Is English Widely Used in Tech Companies and Startups in Barcelona?

Barcelona has earned the right to call itself an international tech hub. It’s super well-connected and it’s doing everything to establish and maintain its international relations in business and entrepreneurship. One of its key efforts is attracting people from abroad and creating an environment where locals and foreigners can work together – which could never happen without an ability and … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Tim Cakir – How to Create Your Own Luck in Barcelona – A Growth Hacker's Story – AI
How to Create Your Own Luck in Barcelona: a Growth Hacker’s Story

Barcelona is an intimidating city. It’s competitive. It’s full of brilliant people who work hard and fuel the startup machine that the city is turning into. The sunny beaches and afterwork drinks are not starting points: they’re rewards for determination and hard work. All of the above can make you feel all the more empowered if you manage to make … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

9 Hacks to Help You Survive Bureaucracy When Moving to Barcelona
9 Hacks to Help You Survive Bureaucracy When Moving to Barcelona

Thinking about moving to Barcelona, but scared of all the paperwork that’s awaiting you here? The Spanish bureaucratic system gets such a bad rap that people actually get discouraged to move to Spain or start a business here. Some of the horror stories they may have heard certainly don’t paint a bright picture of what is going on in the … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

7 Fun Things You Had No Idea You Could Do in Barcelona - Photo by Alexandr23
7 Fun Things You Had No Idea You Could Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is everything but a boring city, but one does get tired of visiting the same touristic spots and going to the same restaurants and parties after a while. If you need some inspiration to change it up a bit and find some unusual, a bit weird yet extremely fun activities that you wouldn’t expect to find in Barcelona, we’ve … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

11 Tips on How to Survive Summer in Barcelona - Photo by Alexandr23
11 Tips on How to Survive Summer in Barcelona

No matter if you’re a local or an expat, if you live in Barcelona, you know that summers can get a little tough around here. It’s not just the heat and the tourists – although these certainly play a role – it’s just the fact that you’re living in a city that is a holiday destination for most people, and … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Did you know that Barcelona is one of the most tech geek friendly cities in the world
The Top 8 Super Geeky Things About Barcelona

Would you have thought that the Catalan capital is probably one of the most geek-friendly cities in the world? No judgment here: with us, geek is not a pejorative term. In fact, being obsessed with things like technology, science and cartoon characters with superpowers is actually really cool. We should know, we’re the geekiest bunch in Barcelona, writing about tech … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Strange(r) Things in Barcelona - The Weird Things Us Expats Just Can't Understand. Photo by RusskyMaverick
Strange(r) Things in Barcelona: The Stuff We Expats Just Can’t Understand, But Love Anyway

Everyone loves Barcelona, there’s no question about that. We adore the distinctive Catalan culture, the unique, offbeat and free-spirited vibe of the city, and the unrestricted lifestyle that anyone can have here, no matter where you’re from. So how come the title you just read says there’s something weird about this city? After a few weeks of living in Barcelona … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Marcos Oda is an agile Product Owner who relocated to Barcelona from Sao Paulo.
If Agile Is Your Passion, Tech Hub Barcelona Welcomes You with Open Arms

When he was offered a position at a large company in Barcelona, Marcos didn’t hesitate much before saying yes. The pull of one of Europe’s largest tech and startup hubs and the opportunities promised by relocation proved stronger than the fact that in his native Brazil, he enjoyed the freedom of owning a consulting company and working for himself. As … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Relocation from Brazil to Tech Hub Barcelona - A Product Owner's Story
Relocation to Tech Hub Barcelona: a Product Owner’s Story

Marcos Oda was his own boss: he owned a small consulting company in São Paulo, and he was doing okay. But he had always wanted to work outside of Brazil, and when the opportunity arose, he decided to embrace it. His reasons were simple: he was offered a position at a tech company in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and he … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

8 Signs You’ve Had Enough and You Need to Move to a New City

With an endless number of tech companies and startups looking for skilled workforce all over the globe, the opportunity to relocate to a different country may arise any time, wherever your talents may lie. Are you in a space right now where a job offer would seem like a perfectly timed gift from the universe that you don’t even deserve, … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Why Barcelona Is the Place to Be If You’re Into Tech

So you thought Barcelona was all about nothing but sunshine, palm trees and sandy beaches? Turns out, it’s far from just a nice place to spend your holidays, especially when it comes to innovation and technology. The city’s thriving tech scene is not just something to visit Barcelona for: it’s something to stay here for. Barcelona is a buzzing startup … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Things to Keep in Mind When Apartment Hunting in Barcelona

Moving to Barcelona for the first time? Once you’ve started looking for a place to put your head on a pillow, you’ll discover that even though keys exchange hands very quickly and it’s not easy to find the perfect place before someone else snatches it away from right under your nose, the battle for apartments isn’t nearly as savage as … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

Relocation Precautions: What You Need to Do Before You Pack Your Bags

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and feel like you are as ready as can be to dive into a new phase of your life, in Barcelona? Not so fast. We are positive that there is at least one item on our to-do list that you have yet to check off! Learn some Spanish. You can fool around with … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post

9 Common Misconceptions about Barcelona That Are Keeping You from Moving Here at Once

We get it, relocating to another country can be a difficult decision to make, but there is a chance that A) you’re just overthinking it, or B) you give too much credit to all the negative opinions you’ve heard about the place in mind. Let us debunk a few popular myths about Barcelona that may be keeping your from finally … more of this 'Moving to Barcelona' post