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FounderFit: The 20-Minute Workout for Entrepreneurs

Turning dreams into reality takes hard graft. Whether you’re running a startup or working for one, you’re probably caught up in the hectic, round-the-clock hustle culture.  When work is all-consuming, your healthy eating and fitness goals can fall by the wayside. But surely you can spare just 20 minutes a week?  According to Estel San Luis and Simon Whyatt of … more about this 'How to' post

11 Tips for Better Networking – The Barcelona Startup News Guide

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you know there’s nothing like being surrounded by like-minded professionals who inspire and motivate you to persevere through hard times.   A strong network is a source of opportunity, wisdom and helpful connections. However, if the thought of “selling yourself” to a bunch of strangers seems daunting, you’re not alone. Many people find networking uncomfortable. They think … more about this 'How to' post

A Guide to Talking to the Press for Startups - by Barcelona Startup News
The Do’s and Don’ts of Talking to the Press – A Guide for Startups

Congratulations, startup founder, you’ve managed to schedule a coffee date or a phone call with a journalist who works for a prestigious publication. So what now? How do you gear up for the interview? How do you make sure that you get the most out of this fleeting opportunity? Here are eight tips from a journalist who does interviews with startups … more about this 'How to' post

When does a startup stop being a startup and become a company
When Does a Startup Stop Being a Startup?

The Great Question. We’ve all asked it before. Now let’s address it. Let’s open a discussion about the ontology of startups. We talk about startups all the time as if their existence was unquestionable and as if they’d been around since the beginning of time. And yet, grasping the difference between an “ordinary” or “traditional” company and a startup seems … more about this 'How to' post

How to Stay Focused at Work during the summer in Barcelona
How to Stay Focused at Work in the Summer When You’re Living in Barcelona

Even though we’re well into the second half of July, summer in Barcelona is far from over. The hot and sunny days will stretch well into September, and many of us are wondering: how are we supposed to stay focused and motivated at work in a city that’s constantly full of tourists enjoying their holidays? How do we “normalize” summer … more about this 'How to' post

Answer These Questions and We'll Tell You Your Startup Name
Answer These Questions and We’ll Tell You Your Startup Name

Let’s get this straight. Some wordplays are OK, others are not. There are creative names that you can give your startup that actually serve to distinguish your brand and give character to it, and there are ridiculous abominations that do more to scare away your potential customers than to attract them. Sometimes they sound like a nickname that you would … more about this 'How to' post

The 6 Traits That Mark the Perfect Startup Hire
The 6 Traits That Mark the Perfect Startup Hire

How would you put together a legendary tech startup team? When it comes to finding a bunch of superstars like The Avengers or The Expendables of software development, you can’t just hire whoever has the best technical knowledge (although that stuff is important too). There are certain traits that you need to look out for, and we’ve made a list of them … more about this 'How to' post

How to Become a Typical Tech Startup Founder in 21 Easy Steps - Dusan Petkovic
How to Become a Typical Startup Founder in 21 Easy Steps

Do you often find yourself staring out the window, imagining that you’re one of the most successful tech moguls in the world, a real self-made hero that everyone looks up to? Have you already written your acceptance speech for every business award on Earth, and prepared a couple of motivational talks for aspiring entrepreneurs that remind you so much of … more about this 'How to' post

Things You Were Probably Wrong About When You Founded Your Startup Expectations Vs Reality
6 Things New Startup Founders Are Probably Wrong About: Expectations Vs Reality

The more time we spend talking to startup founders and entrepreneurs, the more obvious the typical mistakes that many startups make at an early stage seem to become. Of course, every situation is different, and the stress that comes with starting your own company may work against sobriety and reason, but there may be something to learn from others who … more about this 'How to' post