7 Tech Events & Conferences You Need to Be at This September in Barcelona

The summer time-out is officially over, and as of the first week of September, business is back in full swing. This month will be less about fun tech meetups and networking/beer drinking events, and more about hardcore business conferences and learning opportunities for anyone interested in technology. This is your time collect the missing pieces of knowledge you may still need to ace your startup game!

Full Stack Fest

  • Monday-Friday, 4-8 September @ Auditori AXA (Avinguda Diagonal 547)

Developers, this one’s for you. Let’s put our (coding) language differences aside. This is a week-long conference for all those who want to let themselves be inspired by industry experts and learn about the newest technologies that can be used to solve current problems. If you feel like you’ve hit a dead end at work and need a solution asap, this could be the place where you find it. Tickets can be purchased for the entire Full Stack event, and separately for the Frontend and Backend parts as well, so everyone gets the relevant info they need. PS: the award for the coolest event website goes tooo… Full Stack Fest!

Neuromarketing and Lean Startup: How to Design a Memorable Proposal

  • Tuesday, 5 September 6:45 pm @ Mobile World Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

The Barcelona Lean Startup Circle returns with a new edition that’ll be packed with valuable insight. Guest Daniel Vecino, an expert in Lean Startup strategy and Neuromarketing, will talk about his creation The Hero Plan, the guide to creating a memorable strategy. Find answers to questions like: Why do emotions help us to become memorable and remain in people’s minds? What factors influence our customers as they make their decision to purchase? How can you systematically design proposals that are more likely to be remembered or selected compared to those of your competitors?

ACM Europe Conference 2017

  • Thursday-Friday, 7-8 September @ Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (and other venues in its vicinity)

The Barcelona Supercomputing Center is hosting the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Europe conference, with the aim of bringing together computer scientists and practitioners from around the world. The two main themes of the conference will be Cybersecurity and High Performance Computing. Registration is free, and it’ll give you access to talks and panels with the participation of industry professionals – the best people to learn from if you’re into computer science!

Tech and Startup events and conferences in September 2017 Barcelona
Photo Credit: Artur Bogacki / Shutterstock, Inc.

TEDx Barcelona

  • Wednesday, 13 September 7:00 pm @ Mazda Space (Carrer Comerç 60)

You don’t have to be a tech geek in order to appreciate extraordinary ideas. TEDx Barcelona, the independently organized TED event is all about celebrating ideas and people that could change the world. This particular TEDxBarcelonaSalon is a bit of an odd-one-out in that the subject of the main talk will be a bit… how shall we say… different. Speaker Marcos Hourmann will talk about death, dying, and the freedom to choose one’s own death. Let’s find out how this rather dark topic turns into something exciting and inspiring!

Next Generation Internet Forum 2017

  • Wednesday, 13 September @ 2CAT Foundation (Carrer Gran Capità 2-4, office 203, Nexus 1 Building)

September is all about learning. At the NGI Forum, you’re invited to listen to talks and take part in discussions about advances in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and new Media platforms for communication. It’s a great opportunity for startups to share their ideas, be inspired by experts and get to know the research community’s thoughts on these current topics. As a European Commission project, the NGI Forum will be all about openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and the protection of data. Highly recommended for every digital citizen!

Startupbootcamp InsurTech FastTrack in Barcelona

  • Tuesday, 26 September 8:30 am

Startupbootcamp is looking for the most promising projects within the insurance and technology space! Whether you want to apply to the Startupbootcamp accelerator program or not, this an unmissable chance to get feedback and mentoring from experts of the InsurTech scene. If you’re a startup founder with a million questions, this is your opportunity to get one-to-one advice. And, if you’ve got an ingenious idea, you may become one of the 10 startups that’ll be selected to pitch their projects to the Startupbootcamp team.

Global Open Innovation Summit

  • Thursday-Friday 28-29 September @ Hotel Occidental Atenea Mar (Paseo García Faria 37-47)

This Summit is primarily for leaders of business innovation, who want to learn about topics like integrating Open Innovation into organizations and redefining business models through OI. The event brings together experts from varied professions, organisations and industries that have embraced OI. Besides best practice sharing, this event offers a valuable opportunity for networking and partnering with businesses of diverse sizes and types.