7 Tech Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This March in Barcelona

Seven is a magical number of fairy tales… and of blood-chilling crime films about serial killers by David Fincher, but that’s not the point. We’ve selected seven truly magical tech meetups for you to attend this month in Barcelona. Don’t worry, they all welcome English-speakers, and you don’t have to be a software developer to enjoy them: you’ll find something on our list to interest you whether you’re a startup founder, a video game enthusiast, a front-end developer or a tech blogger. So start meeting up!


International Women’s Day at NetSuite

  • Wednesday, 8 March 7:00 pm @ Netsuite Spain (Rambla Catalunya 2)

There’s no denying that diversity and gender equality are key questions when it comes to building your team. Join NetSuite in celebrating International Women’s Day in the most appropriate way possible: with an engaging talk that sheds light on the roots of the gender gap that influences our perception from early childhood. If you’ve ever wondered how the dichotomies of pink and blue, toy trucks and Barbie dolls contribute to the gender gap, here’s your chance to get your answers. Discuss, network, drink free beer and dismantle stereotypes at Women’s Day with NetSuite!


Being a CTO in Barcelona and San Francisco by Santi Herrero

  • Thursday, 9 March at 7:00 pm @ MOB&PAU (Ronda Sant Pau 47)

In his keynote speech, Santi Herrero, co-founder and CTO at EDpuzzle will talk about how to manage a company in Barcelona and San Francisco. Graduating from Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), Santi Herrero found his passion while working in Shanghai, China, then, together with his co-founders, started what is now EDpuzzle (an educational platform where teachers can turn any video into their personal, interactive and accountable lesson) directly at the heart of Silicon Valley. Hear the pros and cons of being a CTO in BCN and San Fran, as well as some useful tips from Herrero’s personal experience, at this month’s CTO’s and Co. Meetup.


Videogames and Computers in the 80s

  • Friday, 10 March at 6:00 pm @ Ironhack Campus BCN (Carrer Pamplona 96)

Put your hands up if you’re still addicted to 8bit video games! Assuming that you’re not just into the 80s digital culture for hipster reasons, but you’re actually interested in the various social, artistic and technological aspects of the golden age of video games, don’t miss this awesome gamer event where you’ll listen to talks by Mev Dinc, award-winning veteran of the games industry, Ignasi Medà Calvet, PhD candidate researching on the social and cultural impact of 8bits videogames in Spain (1983-1992), and Iñaki Díaz, pixel artist and co-founder of indie studio Appnormals Team. It’s free, of course, but you gotta register!


8 Tech Meetups You Don_t Want to Miss This March in Barcelona
Photo Credit: peresanz / Shutterstock, Inc.


The Design to Code Process! With Design Lead @Quipu, Kamil Jura

  • Wednesday, 15 March at 7:00 pm @ Itnig (Carrer Alaba 61)

Front-end developers, this one’s for you! In case you’re in need of a bit of DIY designing (either for a side project you’re invested in, or because your startup can’t afford a designer just yet), this meetup could be a useful resource for you. Find out how to start designing your own project, how sketching can help with everything from plugins through export features to automation, and discover the software that will help you along the way. All this with Kamil Jura, lead designer at Quipu!


Bloggers, Digital Marketing and PR Networking

  • Thursday, 16 March at 7:30 pm @ Mix Bar and Lounge (Carrer Comerç 21)

This is not the time to be shy. If you’re a blogger or a digital marketing professional, you’d better put this event in your calendar. Join an international group of people (who speak English, Spanish and many other languages) coming from the fields of blogging, digital marketing, PR, communication and e-commerce for a couple of drinks, some networking and sharing your insights. Don’t miss the chance to get to know people with similar interests and values, and have some fun at this casual happy hour-style meetup.


Making Sense of Big Data & Data Analytics – With Data Expert Daniel Castejón

  • 28 March at 7:00 pm @ Itnig (Carrer Alaba 61)

Alright, alright, we’ve all heard of Big Data and Data Analytics, but what are they exactly? At this meetup revolving around data, Daniel Castejón, data expert from Ubiqum will solve all existential doubts about the world of data analysis. Questions like What is the difference between Data Analytics and Big Data? What is Data Mining? Is it a fashion or is it really the future? How do I become a Data Manager? will be answered thoroughly.


Do You Really Need a Business Blog?

  • 30 March at 7:00 pm @ DepotLab (Carrer Bruc 149)

Good question. Is it really the right choice for you? Is it helping you grow your business?There are plenty of reasons why the answer to these questions may be a solid “no”, and you can find out all about the why’s at this meetup. You’ll learn stuff like how to decide if a business blog makes sense for your business in particular; if you should continue your blog that already exists; how to judge ROI; and how to find valuable, powerful alternatives to blogging. Don’t quit blogging just yet, but do go to this event and start thinking.