7 Tech/Startup Events & Meetups Happening This June in Barcelona

From blockchain enthusiasts to product managers and fashion startup founders, anyone who’s interested in entrepreneurship and technology will find something to do this month in Barcelona. We’ve hand-picked seven of the most exciting tech and startup events in our calendar. Don’t forget to put them into yours!


UX for Product Managers with Eduardo Manchon, Founder and CPO at Mailtrack.io 

  • Tuesday, 6 June 7:00 pm @ Itnig (Carrer Alaba 61)

At this awesome product manager meetup, you’ll get all the UX insights you need as a PM from one of the heavyweights in the Spanish tech community. Eduardo Manchón was one of the first Spanish founders to be acquired by one of the big tech giants when he sold Panoramio to Google back in 2007.  Since he founded several companies, and now he leads product at Mailtrack.io, which he co-founded in 2013. He’s an expert on UX strategy, and often hold UX hack workshops for product people.


Wagon Talk with Amleto Montinari, Co-Founder of Fluttr

  • Wednesday, 7 June 7:15pm @ Start2Bee Travessera (Travessera Dalt 33)

Wagon Talk is an informal networking event where founders, accelerators and other important movers and shakers of the local startup scene get together with future entrepreneurs to share their stories about success and failures. This time, the star of the show will be Amleto Montinari, Co-Founder and CEO of Fluttr, the first peer-recruitment platform where candidates are evaluated for the jobs they are applying for by experts. Find out how Amleto and his team are about to make recruitment awesome!


Barcelona Blockchain Spring Meetup

  • Wednesday, 7 June 6:00 pm @ Mobile World Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

If you’re interested in getting to know new initiatives from the Blockchain world, and connecting with people who share the same interests, this meetup is for you. After a bunch of cool project presentations, you will have a chance to do a bit of speed dating and down a couple of beers. What more could you wish for on a normal Wednesday evening?


Digital Makers

  • Monday, 19 June 7:00 pm @ Codeworks (Carrer Avila 27)

The aim of this cool weekly event at Codeworks, the leading Javascript developer bootcamp in Europe, is to bring together people who have innovative ideas with coding students who can actually turns those dreams into reality. If you have an idea for an app or a startup concept, but you need help building your product, pitch it to the Codeworks students and let them work their magic. They can build you a prototype in 1-2 weeks! Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?


English for the Technical World

  • Wednesday, 20 June 7:00 pm @ Itnig (Carrer Alaba 61)

Is English your first language? Do you want to get better at tech talk in Spanish? Or, is English the language you need to practice, so you can participate in discussions about technology with your international coworkers? This language exchange is tailor-made for people who work in tech and who would like to strengthen their technical language skills, but are having a hard time finding opportunities to practice. No more awkward moments at networking events – learn how to express yourself and talk about your work in Spanish or English! Organized by Women Who Code Barcelona.


Startup Grind Hosts Carolina Brochado (Atomic)

  • Thursday, 22 June 6:30 pm @ Mobile World Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

The distinguished speaker at this Startup Grind event will be Carolina Brochado, a Partner at Atomico based in London. She works on sourcing, evaluation and due diligence of global investments, focusing on fintech, consumer/retail, and marketplaces. If you want to get first-hand insight and be inspired by a successful (female!) VC who works with several of Atomico’s portfolio companies, make sure you get your tickets in time!


080 Investor Day

  • Wednesday, 28 June 4:00 pm @ Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau (Carrer Sant Antoni Maria Claret 167)

Are you a designer who has created their own fashion brand? Got a fashion startup that needs funding? Or are you just into talented people and creative startups? 080 Investor Day not only aims to generate synergies and networking among fashion startups and internationally renowned investors on their investment forum, but also to give visibility to emerging talents in Catalonia who have created their own fashion brands and want to connect with potential investors and established fashion companies. 30,000 people attended the event last year, so it’s definitely not something you’d want to miss! Get your (free) tickets and present your brand or startup online.

Featured Image: Artur Bogacki / Shutterstock, Inc.