7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This April in Barcelona

Judging by the constant fullness of our event calendar, Barcelona has rightfully earned the nickname “City of Tech Meetups”. OK, no one calls is that, but you get the point. We don’t want you to have to go searching through all the meetup websites to find your jam, so we’ve highlighted some of the most exciting-looking events happening in April, just like we do every month. Now, get down to registering, you’ll thank us later.


Barcelona NodeConf 2017

  • Friday, 7 April 9:30 am @ Mobile World Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

Remember that article we wrote about the geekiest things in Barcelona? Well, this conference is definitely the geekiest thing that has ever happened to this city. In a good way. It’s a one-day not-for-profit conference about node.js, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies in Barcelona.  Listen to talks (all in English!), take part in workshops and activities, and just geek out with your fellow coders for an entire day.


How To Reprogram Your Mind: Boost Motivation, Productivity & Joy

  • Wednesday, 12 April 7:30 pm @ Depot Holland (Carrer Bruc 149)

If we had the answer to these questions, we would never have anything to worry about. So why not try to answer them, and get a little bit closer to eternal bliss? If you’re struggling to get things done and want to feel happier, this discussion at co-working space DEPOT LAB could help you. Learn how to use the power of your mind, how to motivate yourself and how to create an emotional state of happiness. No yoga session though, you’ll have to do that at home. The event is not just for super stressed startup founders, but they probably need it more than anyone else.


2-Hour WordPress Support

  • Tuesday, 18 April 7:30 pm

Now this is definitely our kind of support group. Everyone loves WordPress, but sometimes it’s just not as intuitive as we’d like it to be, right? If you’re a blogger struggling with your limited theme options or you have some issues that you just can’t solve without digging deep into CSS, this is the place to be. You can totally ask questions in English and Spanish too.


Startup Grind BCN 3rd Anniversary Event with Scott Arpajian, CEO at Softonic

  • Thursday, 20 April 6:00 pm @ Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm (Carrer Roselló 515)

Happy anniversary, Startup Grind BCN! They couldn’t possibly have chosen a better place to celebrate than the impressive building of the Estrella Damm beer factory. It’s a great setting for a talk by special guest Scott Arpajian and a couple of beers to wash it down with. Get your seat quickly if you don’t want to be left out.


Tax Savings for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Startups

  • Tuesday, 25 April 6:30 pm @ Depot Holland (Carrer Bruc 149)

Are you someone who keeps dreaming of setting up their own company, but just haven’t plucked up the courage or done the research to finally go ahead and do it? Find out all you need to know about tax savings for businesses with a focus on how to set up Offshore and EU companies at this meetup. The host, Johan Sjögren, Director at Freelancer Financial Consulting, will be giving a presentation detailing his top tax planning advice. Don’t forget to sign up!


Brand Your Startup to Stand Out! With Marc Lite, CEO of Brand Agency Firma

  • Wednesday, 26 April 7:00 pm @ Itnig (Carrer Alaba 61)

Ain’t no successful startup without a solid branding strategy! If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea to distinguish your company from all the other businesses out there, this meetup is for you. Marc Lite and his branding studio Firma create strategies for brands such as Pepsico, Unilever Esade, and smaller apps and startups such as Badi, Pier01 and Bandit – so it’s pretty clear that he knows what he’s talking about. Discussion and beers to follow!


Flylancer Digital Nomad & Freelancer Networking Meetup

  • Friday, 28 April 7:30pm @ Cloud Coworking (Carrer Sardenya 229)

Flylancer’s mission is to bring all of Barcelona’s freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads together. Join a group discussion and fun activities that make networking easier and much less awkward. Make friends and build a valuable network of contacts who are just like you. Share some free beer and become a part of an awesome community. Don’t forget, you gotta register.

Featured Image: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock, Inc.