7 Tech and Startups Events You Can’t Miss This Month in Barcelona

This October, Barcelona has really outdone itself. There’s a startup event or tech meetup happening pretty much every single day. It was difficult to hold back and select only the top seven – and we didn’t even include big conferences like the IoT Solutions World Congress and the always fun Barcelona International Community Day!

This month is all about scaling. You’ll have not one, but three chances to learn how to grow your business at meetups focusing on the topic. You’ll also receive some advice on fundraising and pitching in front of a crowd. Plus, you’ll get to know some new community builders, have a few beers and network with amazing people. See you there!

SaaStock Local: Scaling Up – How to Take Your SaaS to the Next Level

  • Tue, 8 Oct 6:00 pm @ Movistar Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

Want to learn scaling tactics from Barcelona’s leading SaaS companies? At this event, company leaders who have already gone through the challenging process of scaling their SaaS businesses will share their stories. They’ll talk about how they reached their goals and dealt with obstacles along the way. 

Speakers include Oscar Maciá (CEO at Force Manager), Marc Vicente (CEO at ABA English), Javi Fondevila (Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Holded), Joaquim Lecha (CEO at Typeform) and Mike Dias (Co-Founder & CEO at ScaleUp Valley).

Gidi Pridor, VP of Marketing at TravelPerk speaking at SaaStock Local Barcelona

Startup Grind Hosts Elisanda Bou, CTO and Co-Founder at Vilynx

  • Wed, 9 Oct 6:30 pm @ Movistar Centre (Carrer Fontanella 2)

Startup Grind is back this month with a riveting fireside chat involving Elisanda Bou, CTO and Co-Founder at Vilynx.

Elisanda will share how she and her team built the first self-learning AI brain in the world. She’s an expert in Complex Systems, AI, Knowledge Graphs/Ontologies and Deep Learning, and she’s happy to share her insight with you during the networking part of the event. Get your tickets through this link to receive a special discount!

Gastroemprendedores Talks Barcelona

  • Wed, 9 Oct 6:00 pm @ Coocció (Carrer Morales 27)

Are you a food entrepreneur looking to learn and connect with a like-minded community? Gastroemprendedores is an initiative by Eatable Adventures and BStartup promoting entrepreneurship in food and gastronomy. This October, they’re organizing their event Gastroemprendedores Talks for the first time in Barcelona. Join them for a chat about how to build a successful food or restaurant tech business and ask them every question you have so they can help you identify potential opportunities in this sector. Register for free here!

Eatable Adventures is the number one food entrepreneurship community in Europe, supporting innovative food startups and helping them thrive in a global market.

Do you know how to build a successful foodtech business?

The Founder Institute: How to Scale Your Startup

  • Tue, 15 Oct 6:30 pm @ Depot Lab Barcelona (Carrer Bruc 149, local1)

One of the biggest challenges in the life of a startup is scaling. Once you’ve built a scalable product, found your product-market fit and arrived at a viable business plan, how do you start expanding your business to new markets?

At this event, The Founder Insitute‘s mentors and successful alumni will talk about their experience scaling their companies and give you tips on how you should go about it.

Digital Sapiens: Startup Scaling CEO Workshop

  • Tue, 22 October 6:30 pm @ Cobuilder Hub (Passatge Gaiolà 13)

If you’re a startup CEO who’s on the brink of scaling their company, this event is for you. Digital Sapiens has invited Tim Wekezer, CEO Waitrr to share his thoughts in a talk titled How to Boost Profits with Global Expansion.

Tim, who started growing his company in Singapore, brings his knowledge from INSEAD together with his experience as the founder and CEO of the game-changing foodtech Startup Waitrr. In this interactive two-hour workshop, he’ll give you tips on how to boost international sales and expand to new markets.

ALPHA NETWORK – Public Speaking Club

  • Tue, 29 Oct 7:·30 pm @ Itnig Coffice (Carrer Pujades 100)

The Alpha Network is a budding community of entrepreneurs in Barcelona. Their first event will welcome everyone interested in bettering their speaking skills and sharing their ideas about self-development, entrepreneurship and startups in front of a crowd.

Join them for a fun evening of learning and confidence-boosting! The meetup will take place at Itnig’s brand new event venue in Carrer de Pujades.

Startup Funding in Barcelona: How to Raise Money for Your Idea

  • Tue, 29 Oct 6:30 pm @ Depot Lab Barcelona (Carrer Bruc 149, local1)

At this event, The Founder Institue is going to answer one of the main questions that plague young startup founders: how to get funding for your project.

The workshop will include talks by entrepreneurs and investors with a bunch of useful tips on what to do before trying to raise funds, typical mistakes to avoid, what investors look for in a startup, how venture capital works, what kind of government support you can get, when you should consider crowdfunding and why it’s easier to raise seed capital today than it was before.