ThoughtWorks XConf Conference Barcelona 2018
Evolutionary Architecture, Robots and Smart Cities – Here’s What We Learned at XConf Barcelona

ThoughtWorks XConf, a Conference Built by Technologists for Technologists XConf is everything that a technology lover could dream of – a place to talk about your experience with emerging technologies, learn how to implement new solutions and gain new perspectives. For the first time in the 5-year history of the event, after being hosted in Manchester and Munich, XConf arrived … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Events in Barcelona July 2018
7 Tech and Startup Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Month in Barcelona

Welcome back to our monthly tech events guide for all you entrepreneurs, techies and startup enthusiasts in Barcelona! This time around we’ve got networking events for dreamers, innovators, science nerds, aspiring entrepreneurs, fintech experts, Space junkies and ecommmerce marketers alike. Meet people, start developing your idea, acquire new skills and apply the secrets of the best in your field to … more of this ‘Events’ post

Ecommerce Mastery Live - full day of marketing training in Barcelona
Grow Your Business Like a Pro: Ecommerce Mastery Live

Are you ready to master the advanced tactics and strategies of the world’s best ecommerce marketers to help your business survive and thrive? Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and marketers first hand right here in Barcelona! Ecommerce Mastery Live (ECML) is an offshoot of iStack Training’s wildly successful Facebook Ads event, Facebook Mastery Live. In Barcelona, iStack … more of this ‘Events’ post

SheCommerce Barcelona: Connecting the Next Generation of Women in Ecommerce

As a woman, starting or growing your own business can be difficult without a community of like-minded women to support you. Do you ever find yourself wishing you could connect with others who are in the same boat and learn from successful female entrepreneurs? This July, Barcelona will be home to an event where you can meet the most inspiring … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startups Events You Need to Attend in June 2018 in Barcelona
7 Tech Events You Need to Attend This Month in Barcelona

Another month, another 30 days and 7 fantastic tech and startup events to look forward to in Barcelona! Just like every month, we’ve prepared our events guide for all you techies, developers, startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators out there. We’ve got lots going on: Barcelona Design Week, several workshops on email marketing (thanks, GDPR!), a huge Java conference and a … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don't Want to Miss this Month in Barcelona – MAY 2018
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This Month in Barcelona

We’re back with our monthly events guide for techies, entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and anyone who likes to go out and network in Barcelona! This month, we’ve got massive events like a foodtech tradeshow and a business conference for entrepreneurs, as well as smaller but just as valuable meetups where you can learn about blockchain, science-driven innovation and mindfulness as a … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech events and meetups you need to attend in April 2018 in Barcelona
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Need to Be at This Month in Barcelona

We have to admit, this month we found it especially hard to pick just 7 tech and startups events in Barcelona that everyone interested in technology and innovation must attend. We’re being spoilt with conferences that offer a chance to meet startup founders and investors and learn from the best in the game, as well as meetups where we can … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Meetups and Events in Barcelona March 2018
7 Tech Meetups and Events You Don’t Wanna Miss This Month in Barcelona

If you’re passionate about supporting women in tech, you will thrive at the tech meetups and events coming up this month as the Barcelona tech community gears up for the celebration of International Women’s Day. From casual meetups to a grandiose conference, women will definitely have a voice this month! But you don’t have to be an activist for gender … more of this ‘Events’ post

The entrance to the Banco Sabadell BStartup Stage at 4YFN Barcelona 2018
Barcelona at the Centre of the Startup World: 4YFN 2018 Recap

4YFN, the annual startup conference held parallel to the Mobile World Congress came and went like winter in Barcelona, hitting with full force and disappearing before we had a chance to fully appreciate it. Now that everyone has cooled off a bit, we look back on the past few days as an infinite source of inspiration, lots of fun and … more of this ‘Events’ post

HIRED.BCN talent acquisiton and recruitment conference in Barcelona
HIRED!BCN – The Talent Acquisition Conference

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to recruit the right people into your business. Here’s an event where you can learn new tricks and strategies when it comes to hiring the talent you need! Join us at this unique two-day conference that will cover all topics related to talent acquisition in the digital era. End to end. Either if you are eager … more of this ‘Events’ post

4yfn – 4 Years From Now – Mobile World Congress GSMA startup platform and tech conference, Barcelona
“We Want to Show Talent, Not Muscle.” Behind 4YFN, the Hottest Startup Event in Barcelona

4 Years From Now (4YFN), the leading startup platform in the entrepreneurship and digital innovation field is returning to Barcelona with its fifth edition between 26-28 February 2018. The event taking place within the framework of the GSMA Mobile World Congress will gather local and international entrepreneurs, startups and professionals working at large corporations in order to create and launch new … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona Tech and Startup Events You Don't Want to Miss in February 2018
7 Barcelona Tech and Startup Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Month

While the Mobile World Congress and 4 Years From Now are undoubtedly the most awaited event series of the month, let’s not forget about all the other tech and startup events happening in Barcelona in the next few weeks! From informative sessions about the trendiest tech in the world (yep, you guessed it, that’s blockchain), to meetups for female entrepreneurs and … more of this ‘Events’ post

EU-Startups Arrives in Barcelona! EU-Startups Summit 2018

On 24 April, EU-Startups is hosting their flagship event, the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona! After being ranked the 5th hottest startup hub in Europe by EU-Startups for the third time in a row, Barcelona now has the pleasure to host their annual conference. The EU-Startups Summit will showcase a selection of Europe’s hottest startups. Visitors from all over Europe will get together … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona tech and startup events you don't want to miss in January 2018
7 Tech & Startup Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Month in Barcelona [January]

Happy New Year, Barcelona! We all love the holidays but it’s good to be back at the hustle.  As we expected, there will be no shortage of tech events to kick off the year in January. From tips on fundraising success for your startup to trends in cryptocurrencies and social media marketing hacks, the beginning of the new year brings … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech startup events you need to attend in Barcelona December 2017
7 Tech and Startup Events You Need to Attend This Month in Barcelona [December]

As an early Christmas present, the Barcelona tech and startup community is getting a package of exciting events to attend – holiday editions of networking events for entrepreneurs, talks sharing valuable insight on startup life and meetups for everyone from UX Designers to Growth Hackers. Just like every month, Barcelona Startup News has compiled a list of seven highlights for … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Conferences, Expos, Events, Workshops, Meetups and Courses in Barcelona November 2017
7 Tech Conferences, Expos and Events Happening This Month in Barcelona [November]

Sports technology, mobile ventures, sharing economy startups, smart cities… This month will see a wide range of tech topics covered at several large-scale events in Barcelona. Open your calendars because Barcelona Startup News has put together a list of the 7 must-attend events for you, just like we do every month! Let the registration begin.   Coding and UX for … more of this ‘Events’ post

Attendees wait in line for coffee at Startup Grind Conference in Barcelona
We’re All in This Together: Startup Grind Conference Barcelona

When I first heard about Startup Grind, I assumed it was an event series initiated by a corporate giant with a global reach trying to dabble in the startup world. How else could it spread from one city to over 250 in under a decade? Turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Startup Grind started out in California as … more of this ‘Events’ post

Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2017
Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2017

Tired of browsing online job boards all day long? What if you could have all the top tech companies in Barcelona in one place, at the same time? Barcelona Tech Job Fair 2017 is a chance for job seekers to talk to companies that are hiring in person. If you’ve had enough of submitting your CV online without the opportunity … more of this ‘Events’ post

Barcelona Tech and Startup Events October
7 Tech Events and Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss This Month in Barcelona [October]

October started out as a turbulent month in Barcelona, but that doesn’t mean that life in the tech and startup hub has stopped. In fact, we’re looking at an unusually busy month, even for a city that’s constantly throbbing with energy. From afterwork meetups to two-day conferences and weekend-long courses, this month has all the tech events we need to learn, … more of this ‘Events’ post

Startup Grind Barcelona - San Francisco Summit - Conference
How Green is the Grass in Barcelona and San Francisco? Startup Grind BCN – SF Summit

Barcelona and San Francisco. Sister cities since 2010, they’re both uncannily alike and radically different. We often find ourselves comparing and contrasting the two, and the reason is that there is a compelling connection, a dialogue between them that was recently strengthened by the creation of a direct flight between BCN and SF by not one, but two airlines. The … more of this ‘Events’ post

Tech and Startup events and conferences in September 2017 Barcelona
7 Tech Events & Conferences You Need to Be at This September in Barcelona

The summer time-out is officially over, and as of the first week of September, business is back in full swing. This month will be less about fun tech meetups and networking/beer drinking events, and more about hardcore business conferences and learning opportunities for anyone interested in technology. This is your time collect the missing pieces of knowledge you may still need … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona Tech & Startups Events You Don't Want to Miss in May
7 Tech Events, Meetups & Workshops Happening in August in Barcelona

August is always a bit of a snooze when it comes to things happening in Barcelona, but rest assured, the tech and startup scene isn’t going to let you down. This month, the city’s wonderful community is spoiling us with with a talk on the evolution of the relationship between humans and computers, a workshop for chatbot lovers, a comprehensive course … more of this ‘Events’ post

IQS Next Tech Demo Day in Barcelona - Which Startup Will Go to Boston
IQS Next Tech Demo Day in Barcelona – Which Startup Will Go to Boston?

Is there anything more exhilarating than a battle between ten startups, for a prize that could change their future? IQS Next Tech Demo Day may the most exciting tech event of the month in Barcelona. It’s the final of Spain’s first industrial acceleration program, where ten startups will compete after six weeks of acceleration, for a chance to travel to Boston and continue … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Events and Meetups You Have to Attend This July in Barcelona
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Have to Attend This July in Barcelona

You would think that with the rising of temperatures any everyone going away on holidays, the enthusiasm for organizing meetups and tech events might dwindle. However, this is Barcelona we’re talking about. The startup energy here just never seems to get depleted! Here’s a list of seven weeknight events that you don’t want to miss if you’re a developer, an … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Startup Events & Meetups Happening This June in Barcelona
7 Tech/Startup Events & Meetups Happening This June in Barcelona

From blockchain enthusiasts to product managers and fashion startup founders, anyone who’s interested in entrepreneurship and technology will find something to do this month in Barcelona. We’ve hand-picked seven of the most exciting tech and startup events in our calendar. Don’t forget to put them into yours!   UX for Product Managers with Eduardo Manchon, Founder and CPO at  Tuesday, … more of this ‘Events’ post

How to Scale Up Successfully – Advice from Growth Professionals at ScaleUp Summit Barcelona
How to Scale Up Successfully – Advice from Growth Professionals at ScaleUp Summit Barcelona

Last Thursday, we had the chance to attend ScaleUp Summit Barcelona, a conference hosted by ESADE Business School with an incredible lineup of speakers who gave us practical guidelines on how to come up with an effective scale up strategy. Among the most important things we learned were: marketing effectiveness is the absolute key to scaling up successfully; you got … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona Tech & Startups Events You Don't Want to Miss in May
7 Barcelona Tech and Startups Events You Don’t Want to Miss in May

A new month, a new list of tech and startup events and meetups that you just have to attend if you’re in Barcelona. We sure as heck won’t be bored in the next four weeks! Note: if you’re interested in going to an event, make sure you click on it and check if you need to sign up or get tickets. … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don't Want to Miss This April in Barcelona
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This April in Barcelona

Judging by the constant fullness of our event calendar, Barcelona has rightfully earned the nickname “City of Tech Meetups”. OK, no one calls is that, but you get the point. We don’t want you to have to go searching through all the meetup websites to find your jam, so we’ve highlighted some of the most exciting-looking events happening in April, just like we … more of this ‘Events’ post

8 Tech Meetups You Don_t Want to Miss This March in Barcelona
7 Tech Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This March in Barcelona

Seven is a magical number of fairy tales… and of blood-chilling crime films about serial killers by David Fincher, but that’s not the point. We’ve selected seven truly magical tech meetups for you to attend this month in Barcelona. Don’t worry, they all welcome English-speakers, and you don’t have to be a software developer to enjoy them: you’ll find something on … more of this ‘Events’ post

4YFN: Digital Media Day and a Recap of Barcelona’s Annual Startup Conference

The fourth edition of 4YFN, the startup business platform of Mobile World Congress went by way too fast. We were just starting to get into the habit of watching startup pitches every day, running from one stage to the other and back again to be able to attend as many talks and panels as possible, and we even had our own … more of this ‘Events’ post

Ways to Grow Your Startup and Success Stories to Motivate You: Day 2 of 4YFN Barcelona

One more fantastic day at 4YFN – one more chance to get acquainted with the new ideas and technologies that startups are bringing into the world within the event’s daily theme, this time the ‘Internet of Things’. The highlights of the second day include Startupbootcamp’s Demo Day, with ambitious pitches from eight truly badass startups and a great motivational speech … more of this ‘Events’ post

Startups and Innovation: Our First Day at 4YFN Barcelona

The first day of 4YFN 2017 went by like a flash – the fourth edition of the MWC’s tech startup event in Barcelona, with more than 600 exhibitors, 8 stages and nearly 300 speakers, is a vast phenomenon that is impossible to take in all at once. The experience is as intense as a music festival, rich in fun and social … more of this ‘Events’ post

10 Spanish Startups to Look out for at 4YFN Barcelona 2017

If you’re half as excited as we are about 4YFN, the ultimate tech startup show happening next week in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, you’re probably counting down the hours until you can grab your badge and start roaming the domes. In preparation for the event, we hand-picked some of the most promising and intriguing Spanish startups that you can meet … more of this ‘Events’ post

Python Meetup @ TravelPerk

Now there’s a nice way to spend your afternoon if you’re an English-speaking programmer or code enthusiast in Barcelona! TravelPerk is hosting a Python meetup where you’ll have the chance to listen to talks, meet key players of the Barcelona tech and startup scene, and do a bit of networking. Talks “Python Cryptography 101” by Giorgio Zoppi This 15 minutes talk will … more of this ‘Events’ post

TechCrunch Pitch-Off during Mobile World Congress

TechCrunch is holding a Mini-Meetup and a “Pitch-Off” of startups in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, on Tuesday 28 February. Grab tickets here. You can apply to pitch your Barcelona-based startup here. TechCrunch will select approximately 10 great Barcelona-based startups to explain to the panel of VCs and TechCrunch editors in 60 seconds or less why their startup is awesome. … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Can’t Miss Tech Events & Meetups Happening This Month in Barcelona [February]

Barcelona’s tech and startup scene is so vibrant and dynamic, there’s something happening nearly every day. Even though it was difficult to pick just seven, we’ve selected a few of this month’s interesting events for you to browse through and attend. What’s more, they’re all in English, which is always good news for us expats! FoodMOB Meetup #5: These Apps … more of this ‘Events’ post

F2F Job Search: Tech Startup Job Fair Barcelona

Are you a frontend developer, a UX designer or a search engineer? Do you have any other tech skills? Are you looking for a job? Or are you recruiting? Start looking at the Tech Startup Job Fair this spring in Barcelona! From New York to London and Copenhagen, Tech Startup Job Fair is a successful platform for those seeking career opportunities as well … more of this ‘Events’ post

4YFN – Four Weeks From Now!

The countdown has started! 4 Years From Now, a major annual event that is the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, the sidekick of the Mobile World Congress meant specifically for startups, is happening a few weeks from now. Find out everything you need to know below and get your tickets asap! What 4 Years From Now is … more of this ‘Events’ post