Barcelona has all the top qualities of a booming startup ecosystem. One of it’s most solid pillars is a community with a strong collaborative mindset that fosters innovation, encourages the birth of new projects and supports their growth. This environment has produced more than 1,200 startups, and there are many more to come. These are the companies that we at Barcelona Startup News want to showcase to the world.

The name of the city has always been synonymous with innovation, which makes it an ideal setting for a technology hub. It’s also home to many renowned entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and other influencers who act as catalysts in driving progress.

Each year, Barcelona’s calendar is webbed by a network of startup events that bring together local and international players of the startup scene. An ecosystem could not thrive without the invaluable ideas shared, lessons learned and connections made during these moments. However, startup events and tech conferences in Barcelona are not the only forums for entrepreneurs: coworking spaces, startup incubators and accelerators also contribute to bringing the community together.

Below, we share the success stories of the best startups in Barcelona and the people behind them: how they started and where they’re heading. We also bring you lists of top Barcelona startups in different industries, the most recent Barcelona startup news and guides to the Barcelona tech scene.

Read on to discover what makes the Barcelona startup scene thrive!

Eduardo Manchon, CEO of Barcelona startup Mailtrack - a Gmail add-on to track email opens
Google Is No Longer a Threat, but an Ally – the Barcelona-Based Email Tracking Startup That Has 1 Million Users

With nearly one million active users (966,503 according to Chrome Store), Mailtrack, an email tracking extension for Chrome, is one of the most popular Gmail add-ons – and it’s built in Barcelona. The highly scalable startup that could be the next prodigy from Barcelona was created by a small team … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Barcelona chatbot startup Hubtype
Chatbots and Silicon Valley – as Seen by Barcelona Startup Hubtype

2018 is an exciting year for chatbots. Computer programs that can have conversations with humans through text messages have been around for a while, but it is only now that brands and customers are starting to recognize their true value. It’s also now that a multitude of brilliant startups are … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Cyber security awareness specialist Hannah Tufts, Barcelona
Mindfulness Is the Key to Staying Safe Online – Interview with Hannah Tufts, Cyber Security Awareness Specialist

Online security is no longer just about the safety of our personal and professional data. It’s about the protection of our self-image, our self-worth, and even our human interactions outside of tech. It’s about learning to control technology and using it in a conscious way instead of letting it control … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Lynette Kucsma cofounder Natural Machines, Barcelona-based foodtech startup
The Future of Foodtech: Barcelona Startup’s 3D Food Printer Will Revolutionize Kitchens

When you hear the words 3D food printing, what’s the image that pops into your mind? Is it the famous replicator from Star Trek capable of synthesizing food out of thin air? Or is it everyone’s favorite pizza-rehydrating microwave from Back to the Future? Foodini, the real life 3D food … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Growing mytaxi's tech hub in Barcelona – Europe's number one ride-hailing app has set up offices in Barcelona
mytaxi in Barcelona – How Europe’s Number One Taxi App Is Built

One of the things I love most about the Barcelona tech scene is that there’s something significant going on in every nook and cranny. Take this tiny office tucked away on the top floor of an old office building on one of Barcelona’s busiest avenues. It’s filled to the brim … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Carlos Pierre, CEO and Founder of Barcelona-based share rental startup Badi app
“The Ultimate Goal is to Eradicate Agencies.” – Interview with Carlos Pierre, CEO and Founder at Barcelona Startup Badi

There’s a startup in Barcelona that has the potential to shake the real estate market to its core. Founded in 2015 with the intention to change the way that people find flatmates, Badi is now the number one platform for room rentals in Spain, having matched 760 thousand listers and … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Helena Torras, CEO and Co-Founder at Barcelona Startup B-wom
“The Future Is Digital. And the Future Is Female.” – Interview with Helena Torras, CEO & Co-Founder at B-wom

Discussions about empowering women in tech come to a boiling point around International Women’s Day, and we’re taking advantage of this incredible momentum to bring you an interview with Helena Torras, CEO and Co-Founder at B-wom. The Barcelona startup has built an app to help women take control of their … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Astrid Aafjes, Director at Downtown Offices, a work hub for female entrepreneurs in Barcelona
Downtown Offices, a Work Hub for Female Entrepreneurs in Barcelona

Why can’t women have their own golf clubs? It’s a valid question a business world where female entrepreneurship is on the rise. And the answer is: of course they can, and more! Downtown Offices is a work hub for female entrepreneurs, the first of its kind in Spain. As a … more of this ‘Stories’ post

3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact
3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact

We’re super impatient when it comes to potentially groundbreaking technologies that are almost a reality but not quite yet. That’s why we’ve taken it upon us to find three Barcelona startups that we can’t wait to see grow – and change our reality. What these startups have in common is … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love
5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love

The food industry is an ideal field for experimentation, and Barcelona startups are on the front line. They’re coming up with more and more innovative ideas on how to reduce food waste by foodsharing, how to become as efficient at food delivery as possible, and how to create diet plans, for example. Their … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

6 Barcelona Travel Tech Startups That Are Transforming the Way We Travel
6 Barcelona Startups That Are Transforming the Way We Travel

Travel tech startups, from Barcelona and around the globe, are taking off at an incredible rate and changing not just the way we book our trips or pick out destinations, but our entire concept of travelling. Prominent trends in the travel tech industry typically rely on using artificial intelligence, machine … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2018 - top Barcelona startups
20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2018

This year, Barcelona made the Eu-startups annual list of hottest European startup hubs once again. And not just made it, but came fifth for the third year in a row, bested only by the humongous ecosystems of London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. The ranking itself is great news and definitely … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

Barcelona Food Delivery Startups - The Ultimate App Test
We Tried 4 Barcelona Food Delivery Apps and We Have a Winner

Now that virtually every startup wants a slice of the delivery cake, the question is no longer what to order for lunch, but which delivery app to use. We’ve been on a mission to find the best food delivery service in Barcelona, and we’ve finally found the one! We put … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

5 Barcelona Startups That Are Winning the Sharing Economy Revolution
5 Barcelona Startups Are Winning the Sharing Economy Revolution

Is it just a fad, or is it a new revolutionary way of living and consuming that’s taking over the world? The effect of the sharing or collaborative economy can be seen very clearly in a wide range of industries from tourism to entertainment, and it’s constantly on the rise. … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

5 Barcelona Startups That Raised Significant Amounts of Funding This Month - September
5 Barcelona Startups We’re Into This Month [September]

Another month has gone by, and we’ve selected another batch of Barcelona startups that just closed funding rounds to serve as living proofs of the undiminished vitality and amazing potential of our city. From biotech to virtual reality, IoT and social networking apps, Barcelona startups are at the top of … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

5 Barcelona Startups We Are Into This Month
5 Barcelona Startups That We’re Into This Month

Good news from the startup world are a daily phenomenon in Barcelona, and this hasn’t changed in the past few weeks. Let’s see lately which Barcelona startups had some wonderful news to share and achievements to be proud of! We’ll explain a bit about what each company does, just so … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don't Want to Miss this Month in Barcelona – MAY 2018
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Don’t Want to Miss This Month in Barcelona

We’re back with our monthly events guide for techies, entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and anyone who likes to go out and network in Barcelona! This month, we’ve got massive events like a foodtech tradeshow and a business conference for entrepreneurs, as well as smaller but just as valuable meetups where you … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech events and meetups you need to attend in April 2018 in Barcelona
7 Tech Events and Meetups You Need to Be at This Month in Barcelona

We have to admit, this month we found it especially hard to pick just 7 tech and startups events in Barcelona that everyone interested in technology and innovation must attend. We’re being spoilt with conferences that offer a chance to meet startup founders and investors and learn from the best … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Meetups and Events in Barcelona March 2018
7 Tech Meetups and Events You Don’t Wanna Miss This Month in Barcelona

If you’re passionate about supporting women in tech, you will thrive at the tech meetups and events coming up this month as the Barcelona tech community gears up for the celebration of International Women’s Day. From casual meetups to a grandiose conference, women will definitely have a voice this month! … more of this ‘Events’ post

The entrance to the Banco Sabadell BStartup Stage at 4YFN Barcelona 2018
Barcelona at the Centre of the Startup World: 4YFN 2018 Recap

4YFN, the annual startup conference held parallel to the Mobile World Congress came and went like winter in Barcelona, hitting with full force and disappearing before we had a chance to fully appreciate it. Now that everyone has cooled off a bit, we look back on the past few days … more of this ‘Events’ post

HIRED.BCN talent acquisiton and recruitment conference in Barcelona
HIRED!BCN – The Talent Acquisition Conference

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to recruit the right people into your business. Here’s an event where you can learn new tricks and strategies when it comes to hiring the talent you need! Join us at this unique two-day conference that will cover all topics related to talent acquisition in the … more of this ‘Events’ post

4yfn – 4 Years From Now – Mobile World Congress GSMA startup platform and tech conference, Barcelona
“We Want to Show Talent, Not Muscle.” Behind 4YFN, the Hottest Startup Event in Barcelona

4 Years From Now (4YFN), the leading startup platform in the entrepreneurship and digital innovation field is returning to Barcelona with its fifth edition between 26-28 February 2018. The event taking place within the framework of the GSMA Mobile World Congress will gather local and international entrepreneurs, startups and professionals working … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona Tech and Startup Events You Don't Want to Miss in February 2018
7 Barcelona Tech and Startup Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Month

While the Mobile World Congress and 4 Years From Now are undoubtedly the most awaited event series of the month, let’s not forget about all the other tech and startup events happening in Barcelona in the next few weeks! From informative sessions about the trendiest tech in the world (yep, you … more of this ‘Events’ post

EU-Startups Arrives in Barcelona! EU-Startups Summit 2018

On 24 April, EU-Startups is hosting their flagship event, the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona! After being ranked the 5th hottest startup hub in Europe by EU-Startups for the third time in a row, Barcelona now has the pleasure to host their annual conference. The EU-Startups Summit will showcase a selection of Europe’s … more of this ‘Events’ post

Bida_app_A Barcelona Startup That Wants to Buy You a Drink
This Startup Is Buying Everyone Drinks at Barcelona’s Coolest Bars

Now this is the kind of news that we like to hear when summer is coming to an end. Bida, a Barcelona startup and Spain’s first ever drink-a-day subscription app, just announced that they will be giving away one free drink a month to all their users. Including the non-paying ones! If … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay
Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay

No more cash or awkward face-to-face meetings when you’re buying or selling second-hand stuff on Wallapop! One of Barcelona’s most popular startups, the leading mobile marketplace in Spain, Wallapop is expanding its realm by launching a new, secure in-app payment service called Wallapay. Future plans include starting a home delivery service and … more of this 'News' post

Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona - Tech News
Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona

The German electronics manufacturer Bosch is planning to bring its electric scooter sharing system, which is already successfully running in Berlin, to the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, according to El Confidencial. As the city with the second largest number of motorcycles in Europe, Barcelona could prove to be an ideal … more of this 'News' post

Electric Tesla Eco Battery Supercharger
Tesla Installs Chargers for Electric Cars in El Corte Inglés

Electric car owners can now charge their vehicles at Tesla charging stations in the parking lots of El Corte Inglés department stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, reports El Español.   Charge It While You Shop The idea is that by plugging their car in, owners can take advantage of the time … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space (Photo by Zero to Infinity)
Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space [VIDEO]

The future is is much closer than it seems. Zero 2 Infinity, a privately owned, Barcelona-based startup that designs and launches satellites to near space, has completed a milestone mission on 1 March, when it successfully launched its first rocket from the Edge of Space. A small step for mankind, a huge … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona is Ready for 5G: ZTE to Launch World’s First Gigabit Phone at Mobile World Congress

With only one week to go until Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the tech world is completely hyped to find out what mind-blowing innovations the biggest names are about to announce. That the mobile industry’s race against time will continue with new technologies aiming to increase download speed and enhance user … more of this 'News' post

Amazon is Hiring! Open Tech Positions in Barcelona

The multinational e-commerce giant Amazon will be opening its Barcelona logistics center in El Prat de Llobregat and starting the delivery of packages on 4 October. The company is planning to create no less than 1,500 jobs at the new site in three years’ time. As of right now, 40 open … more of this 'News' post

Free WiFi Access on Every Bus in Barcelona, Starting from March

Finally, we can all sends message through WhatsApp and play Pokémon Go on the way to work without consuming any mobile data. By the time the city gets filled to the brim with people making their yearly pilgrimage to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress, all the city’s buses will … more of this 'News' post