Barcelona has all the top qualities of a booming startup ecosystem. One of it’s most solid pillars is a community with a strong collaborative mindset that fosters innovation, encourages the birth of new projects and supports their growth. This environment has produced more than 1,200 startups, and there are many more to come. These are the companies that we at Barcelona Startup News want to showcase to the world.

The name of the city has always been synonymous with innovation, which makes it an ideal setting for a technology hub. It’s also home to many renowned entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and other influencers who act as catalysts in driving progress.

Each year, Barcelona’s calendar is webbed by a network of startup events that bring together local and international players of the startup scene. An ecosystem could not thrive without the invaluable ideas shared, lessons learned and connections made during these moments. However, startup events and tech conferences in Barcelona are not the only forums for entrepreneurs: coworking spaces, startup incubators and accelerators also contribute to bringing the community together.

Below, we share the success stories of the best startups in Barcelona and the people behind them: how they started and where they’re heading. We also bring you lists of top Barcelona startups in different industries, the most recent Barcelona startup news and guides to the Barcelona tech scene.

Read on to discover what makes the Barcelona startup scene thrive!

How Barcelona Startup Onna is Helping Companies Unlock Their Data

Companies today use an average of 16 cloud-based applications, according to research. Storing data in so many disparate silos can make finding a specific piece of information extremely difficult. How do you recover a file if you have no idea where you – or your coworkers – have saved it? … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Barcelona Startup Turning Customers Into Ambassadors – Interview with Kevin Markowski, CEO at Spitche

Kevin Markowski, a French-born entrepreneur based in Barcelona, has built a startup around the idea that every customer is a brand ambassador. He himself is an ambassador of the Barcelona startup lifestyle: he basks in the Mediterranean sun shining through the windows of his beach-side office, works hard, networks even … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Carts Guru - ecommerce SaaS startup based in Barcelona
The Barcelona Startup That We Should Be Talking About: Carts Guru

Barcelona has an amazingly diverse startup ecosystem. It comprises companies of different sizes, industries, sectors and business models, all here to take advantage of the growth opportunities for businesses and the excellent quality of life for the people who run them. No matter the market you target or the model … more of this ‘Stories’ post

The founders of Barcelona-based vacation rental technology startup Rentals United
Rentals United and Barcelona as a Hub for the Short-term Rental Ecosystem

In 2014, in the midst of the rise in dominance of Airbnb as a supplier of alternative accommodation, four leading and competing vacation rental agencies – predicting that they would need to find new solutions to distribute their properties in order to survive in the post-Airbnb world – decided to … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Nadine working at TravelPerk, Barcelona business travel startup
Inside TravelPerk: a Look at Europe’s Fastest Scaling SaaS Startup

TravelPerk is one of the most talked-about Barcelona startups of all time – with good reason. The company was founded at the start of 2015 by co-founders Avi Meir and Javier Suárez to provide a solution to the tiresome process of booking and managing business travel. Since then, they’ve been … more of this ‘Stories’ post

The Valley Digital business school in Barcelona
“We’re Creating a Space Where Startups and Big Companies Can Work Together” – Interview with Gonzalo López, The Valley Barcelona

A new innovation hub has been born in Barcelona. It’s in a beautiful old building right by the harbor and it’s home to Barcelona’s only Digital Business School, The Valley. Apart from being one of the only schools in Spain where students can attend courses focused specifically on digital innovation, … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Discussing Estonian e-Residency, the solution for startups and solo entrepreneurs to start an EU business 100% online from anywhere in the world
How to Run an EU Company From Anywhere in the World, 100% Online – Estonian e-Residency

Imagine a platform where any entrepreneur, from anywhere in the world, could set up an EU company with EU banking, without ever having to set foot in an EU country. If you lived in Barcelona, for instance, you could choose whether you want to go through the potentially gruelling (if eventually … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Inside Alpha, Barcelona's Moonshot startup
Inside Alpha, Barcelona’s Moonshot Factory

Barcelona-based Alpha, a Moonshot facility established by Telefonica, adopts Google X’s mentality to change the world Not that long ago, in this very galaxy, Google came up with the concept of Moonshots. They’ve been using this semi-branded neologism to refer to most of their innovative projects rolling out of the … more of this ‘Stories’ post

Top Barcelona startups
20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2020

It’s time for our annual 20 Barcelona startups to watch list! Just like last year, we used our own criteria – and a bit of good old intuition – to select the 20 Barcelona startups that we think will make the news in 2020.  Some might close large funding rounds, … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

Asics Tenkan-Ten Startup Accelerator Barcelona
Driving Innovation in Sports and Wellbeing: ASICS TenKan-Ten Startup Accelerator

Did you know that Barcelona has a sports tech startup accelerator? Last week, ASICS announced the five participants of its global acceleration program, ASICS Tenkan-Ten Growth Catalyst. From games that help you lose weight to interactive experiences mixing technology and sports, the startups selected for the program bring exciting technologies … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

Top Barcelona startups
20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2019

Startups in Barcelona have had another great year. According to the latest figures, 2018 has managed to surpass 2017 – the best year in the history of the ecosystem until now – in terms of investment, with 130 deals sealed and more than €900M in funding raised by Barcelona startups. There … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact
3 Early Stage Barcelona Startups That Could Have a Huge Technological Impact

We’re super impatient when it comes to potentially groundbreaking technologies that are almost a reality but not quite yet. That’s why we’ve taken it upon us to find three Barcelona startups that we can’t wait to see grow – and change our reality. What these startups have in common is … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love
5 Apps Created by Barcelona Startups That Foodies Will Love

The food industry is an ideal field for experimentation, and Barcelona startups are on the front line. They’re coming up with more and more innovative ideas on how to reduce food waste by foodsharing, how to become as efficient at food delivery as possible, and how to create diet plans, for example. Their … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

6 Barcelona Travel Tech Startups That Are Transforming the Way We Travel
6 Barcelona Startups That Are Transforming the Way We Travel

Travel tech startups, from Barcelona and around the globe, are taking off at an incredible rate and changing not just the way we book our trips or pick out destinations, but our entire concept of travelling. Prominent trends in the travel tech industry typically rely on using artificial intelligence, machine … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2018 - top Barcelona startups
20 Barcelona Startups to Watch in 2018

This year, Barcelona made the Eu-startups annual list of hottest European startup hubs once again. And not just made it, but came fifth for the third year in a row, bested only by the humongous ecosystems of London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. The ranking itself is great news and definitely … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

Barcelona Food Delivery Startups - The Ultimate App Test
We Tried 4 Barcelona Food Delivery Apps and We Have a Winner

Now that virtually every startup wants a slice of the delivery cake, the question is no longer what to order for lunch, but which delivery app to use. We’ve been on a mission to find the best food delivery service in Barcelona, and we’ve finally found the one! At the … more of this ‘Top startups’ post

7 Tech Event to Attend during Women's Month in Barcelona
7 Tech Events to Celebrate Women’s Month in Barcelona

March 8th is International Women’s Day. Each year, the week leading up to this special day is filled with excitement. The whole city buzzes with events that celebrate the achievements of women and unite communities who are fighting for a better future. It’s an emotional time that starts a lot … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Events in Barcelona September 2018
Top 7 Events to Attend During MWC Barcelona 2020

February is here, which means that MWC Barcelona, the largest mobile event in the world is drawing closer. The city awaits with anticipation as the hotels fill up and the crowds start moving towards Fira Gran Via.  It’s always an eventful week, with lots of networking parties and off-MWC events … more of this ‘Events’ post

8 Tech Meetups You Don_t Want to Miss This March in Barcelona
7 Tech and Startup Events to Attend This Month in Barcelona

Let’s jump into another month of tech and startup events in Barcelona! Conference season is still going strong, with one of Barcelona’s most prestigious annual events, the Smart City Expo World Congress taking place in November. If you’re not a fan of massive international events, you’ll have a host of … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech Events and Conferences You Need to Attend This Month in Barcelona - October 2018
7 Tech and Startups Events You Can’t Miss This Month in Barcelona

This October, Barcelona has really outdone itself. There’s a startup event or tech meetup happening pretty much every single day. It was difficult to hold back and select only the top seven – and we didn’t even include big conferences like the IoT Solutions World Congress and the always fun … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Barcelona tech and startup events you don't want to miss in January 2018
7 Must-Attend Startup Events This Month in Barcelona

It isn’t just school that’s back in September – business life also gets a fresh start. The networking scene gets revved up and our favorite monthly meetups return after a short summer hiatus. Join us at this month’s best tech and startup events in Barcelona, including conferences, hackathons and plain … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Events You Can't Miss This Month in Barcelona July 2019
7 Tech and Startup Events You Can’t Miss This Month in Barcelona

Summer is unapologetically here, but that doesn’t mean #startuplife has to stop! This July, Barcelona is surprising us with a brand new startup conference next to the usual meetups, workshops and networking parties. Take out your business cards, bring your happiest mood and for the God of Technology’s sake, leave … more of this ‘Events’ post

SheCommerce Barcelona 2019: A Conference for Women Building Ecommerce Empires

Boss ladies, businesswomen, badass female entrepreneurs – whatever you like to call yourselves, this one is for you. The world’s top conference for women building ecommerce empires, SheCommerce is back in Barcelona to gather all you smart, ambitious and unstoppable women under one roof. It’s hard to believe that in … more of this ‘Events’ post

7 Tech and Startup Events to Attend This Month in Barcelona

Summer may have arrived late but it’s finally here, and it seems to have injected the entire city with some new energy. The Barcelona tech and startup community is bright and bubbly, like the cava we’ll be sipping at this month’s many events. Kick off summer the right way by … more of this ‘Events’ post

Bida_app_A Barcelona Startup That Wants to Buy You a Drink
This Startup Is Buying Everyone Drinks at Barcelona’s Coolest Bars

To celebrate summer in Barcelona, Bida app is offering their app completely free till October 1st! That means anyone and everyone (over the age of 18, of course) can discover Barcelona’s top-rated bars and restaurants and get a free drink every 3 hours in any of these hotspots.   If … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Ventures - Six Barcelona startups going to Silicon Valley
Breaking Down the Wall Between Barcelona Startups and Silicon Valley Investors

The Barcelona Ventures Silicon Valley Acceleration Program is presenting 6 startups with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get access to funding in the United States. The 6 companies planning to expand or raise capital in the US have completed the first 5 weeks of the acceleration program in Barcelona and are … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay
Wallapop Launches In-App Payment Service Called Wallapay

No more cash or awkward face-to-face meetings when you’re buying or selling second-hand stuff on Wallapop! One of Barcelona’s most popular startups, the leading mobile marketplace in Spain, Wallapop is expanding its realm by launching a new, secure in-app payment service called Wallapay. Future plans include starting a home delivery service and … more of this 'News' post

Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona - Tech News
Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona

The German electronics manufacturer Bosch is planning to bring its electric scooter sharing system, which is already successfully running in Berlin, to the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, according to El Confidencial. As the city with the second largest number of motorcycles in Europe, Barcelona could prove to be an ideal … more of this 'News' post

Electric Tesla Eco Battery Supercharger
Tesla Installs Chargers for Electric Cars in El Corte Inglés

Electric car owners can now charge their vehicles at Tesla charging stations in the parking lots of El Corte Inglés department stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, reports El Español.   Charge It While You Shop The idea is that by plugging their car in, owners can take advantage of the time … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space (Photo by Zero to Infinity)
Barcelona Startup Zero 2 Infinity Launches Its First Rocket from the Edge of Space [VIDEO]

The future is is much closer than it seems. Zero 2 Infinity, a privately owned, Barcelona-based startup that designs and launches satellites to near space, has completed a milestone mission on 1 March, when it successfully launched its first rocket from the Edge of Space. A small step for mankind, a huge … more of this 'News' post

Barcelona is Ready for 5G: ZTE to Launch World’s First Gigabit Phone at Mobile World Congress

With only one week to go until Mobile World Congress Barcelona, the tech world is completely hyped to find out what mind-blowing innovations the biggest names are about to announce. That the mobile industry’s race against time will continue with new technologies aiming to increase download speed and enhance user … more of this 'News' post

Amazon is Hiring! Open Tech Positions in Barcelona

The multinational e-commerce giant Amazon will be opening its Barcelona logistics center in El Prat de Llobregat and starting the delivery of packages on 4 October. The company is planning to create no less than 1,500 jobs at the new site in three years’ time. As of right now, 40 open … more of this 'News' post