10 Spanish Startups to Look out for at 4YFN Barcelona 2017


If you’re half as excited as we are about 4YFN, the ultimate tech startup show happening next week in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, you’re probably counting down the hours until you can grab your badge and start roaming the domes. In preparation for the event, we hand-picked some of the most promising and intriguing Spanish startups that you can meet there – and don’t forget, these are just the ones that’ll be pitching at some point throughout the event. There’ll be lots more interesting innovations to discover, from Spain and from all over the world, at the 4YFN Innovation Market!


Takeafile is a peer-to-peer platform for transferring large files at maximum speed in a secure way. It does not require you to install any software: it sends the file directly from the sender to the receiver without using the cloud, without the hassle of uploading and downloading, which can save a lot of time and effort for people such as video editors and graphic designers who work with large files. It’s fast, it’s safe, and there is no limit on file sizes, so there is a good chance it’s a better solution than Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.

Home: Valencia, Spain

When they’re pitching: Tuesday 28 February 11:00 am @ Startup Bootcamp Demo Day


Adalab is a social startup with the goal to empower young women to become leading professionals in the digital world. They aim to achieve digital diversity through a special program directed at women that includes intensive training in high-demand digital profiles and internships at companies that collaborate with Adalab. With its innovative approach, this startup could become a key player in the fight against unemployment, and will surely contribute to reducing the gender gap in technology.

Home: Madrid, Spain

When they’re pitching: Tuesday 28 February 11:00 am @ Women4Tech – Hack_D_Gap Global Challenge


An online management tool for companies, TeamEQ helps you measure motivation, effectiveness and satisfaction in your team. It is the first ever real time HR analytics tool designed to increase your teams’ global performance and collective intelligence. It measures the intangible, assessing soft skills and providing data through indexes such as team health, alignment among teammates and team participation. You can even make comparisons to see how your team is developing over time.

Home: Barcelona, Spain

When they’re pitching: Tuesday 28 February 11:00 am @ Women4Tech – Hack_D_Gap Global Challenge


Vitcord allows you to become a co-creator of videos by adding your own clips to moments captured by others through an app. You can share your experiences in a collective way, by combining your recordings with those of others, instead of compiling a video individually. Capturing the moments you share with your friends from several different points of view results in a much more complex audiovisual experience. It’s a great new way to tell a story and share your memories.

Home: Valencia, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 11:00 am @ NUMA Barcelona Demo Day

Filmarket Hub

Filmarket Hub is an online platform designed to help make film projects come to life. It is a large social network of professionals and companies who work in the film industry that also functions as an online marketplace, where scripts and projects in development can find producers. You can showcase your work in an online portfolio, and even upload your script to get feedback on it. If you’re at a developmental stage and having trouble raising funds for your project, signing up for the Filmarket Hub sounds like a good bet.

Home: Barcelona, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 11:00 am @ NUMA Barcelona Demo Day


The Sheltair app is designed to help you find private spaces in your city where you can go when you want to get out of the office, whether you just want to work alone in a different environment, meet with your business partners or do an interview. You can browse among a wide range of different spaces, check their availability and reserve them through the app. As opposed to co-working offices, Sheltair offers spaces for as short periods of time as you need them, even if it’s just a few hours. All of the spaces are comfortable and give off a good vibe, but they are different in size, style and function, so you can pick the best one for you.

Home: Barcelona, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 11:00 am @ NUMA Barcelona Demo Day


Facebook groups are always full of people looking for a good Samaritan to help them move their furniture with a van, or take their pet to the vet: Shipeer is here for those who need stuff moved, but don’t have anyone to move it for them. It’s a platform that lets you get in touch with drivers or people on the go who are taking the same route anyway, and they’ll carry your stuff for a much cheaper price than regular delivery services. Shipeer is ready to prove that the power of community can change the face of transport.

Home: Valencia, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 11:00 am @ NUMA Barcelona Demo Day


FLUZO is essentially a cross between Shazam and Google Analytics – for TV. It uses automatic recognition to track TV content consumption like other analytics tools monitor web surfing, turning TV content and viewers into monetizable assets for clients who have the FLUZO technology integrated into their mobile apps. As the first platform to digitalize TV viewers, FLUZO is connecting traditional media with mobile devices in a brand new way.

Home: Madrid, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 4:30 pm @ 4YFN Awards – Digital Media Section


In the social media era, one of the most effective ways of getting your product out to your customers is through influencers. Influencity helps you find the most relevant influencers for your audience, categorized by location, age, language, topics, etc. so that you can create successful influencer marketing campaigns. You can launch the campaigns through Influencity in minutes, and analyze their performance.

Home: Madrid, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 4:30 pm @ 4YFN Awards – Digital Media Section


itcher is an app that’ll find you personalized recommendations for films, TV shows, books music and games by connecting you to like-minded people with similar taste. You can stop nagging your friends for good movie recommendations or searching online for hours: this community-based platform brings artificial intelligence into entertainment discovery, and the recommendations are always spot-on.

Home: Barcelona, Spain

When they’re pitching: Wednesday 1 March 4:30 pm @ 4YFN Awards – Digital Media Section

Which pitch are you most excited to see?

Keep checking back for updates on the happenings at 4YFN, and follow us on Twitter for live tweets directly from the event!

Featured Image: catwalker / Shutterstock, Inc.

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